May 2011 PT. 1

May 1 at 8:23am

Karin Catherine Waldegrave add Hjalmar Schacht and Hjalmar Ma:e. The abusive
“Pass the BEERSTEIN, Berg” (this to Count Friedrich von Berg) in 1938 and 1939 crowd of the
Hitler-Stalin Pact (1939 – 1940).
May 1 at 8:25am
Karin Catherine Waldegrave Hence the “STEINberg” alias. Disgusting.
May 1 at 8:25am
Karin Catherine Waldegrave Tim Rice and Jenny Rice included. The same family
“Riis” or “Rice.”
MMay 1 at 8:29am
Karin Catherine Waldegrave What the CSE do now is they are capable of remotely
triggering pets’ bladders and even children’s and your grandmother’s battering gradually to kidney
May 1 at 8:39am
Karin Catherine Waldegrave This nonsense must end.
May 1 at 8:39am
Karin Catherine Waldegrave No dirty competitive advantage for crooks.
May 1 at 8:40am
Karin Catherine Waldegrave They cause brain damage this way also.
May 1 at 8:41am
Karin Catherine Waldegrave To brain tumours.
May 1 at 8:41am
Karin Catherine Waldegrave Christine Marton supports their organization and its
anti-diplomatic and civilian population battering uses.
May 1 at 8:42am
Karin Catherine Waldegrave Foremer Secretary, Micronet and Mental Health
volunteer with an M. Sc. (Biology) and a supply teacher of Biology with the International Space
University and STARTREK for hobby, also Jana Oldfield’s Old English project and Downsview
May 1 at 8:43am
Karin Catherine Waldegrave The military not welcome to send police here.
NEVER. This project needs to be shhut down by proper authorities. Me, continuing since NCE
Micronet in 1994/1995.
May 1 at 8:44am
Karin Catherine Waldegrave Christine Marton is “nursing placements” coordinator
for Margaret MacMillan’s Ryerson college and the University of Toronto. None of them are properly
qualified properly hired university employees or intellectually adequately composed or socially
politely poised normal human beings understanding of the rightful hierarchy and rank. Mine.
May 1 at 8:46am
Karin Catherine Waldegrave I am 41 now and not 25 any longer.
May 1 at 8:46am
Karin Catherine Waldegrave I was 15 in 1985.
May 1 at 8:47am
Karin Catherine Waldegrave Problem? X-Dokumente and Stalin Archives. Abuse
May 1 at 8:48am
Karin Catherine Waldegrave And GCHQ and the CSE, power structures to
May 1 at 8:48am
Karin Catherine Waldegrave Arrow-poison Gary Larsons. Absurd, silly and vicious
May 1 at 8:49am
Karin Catherine Waldegrave And yes, Nicolai alias Lebedev (El Nino, Nicolai von
Hohenberg Habsburg-Lothringen) is my uncle and Kaspar alias Lebedev his son and brother of
Sandra whose mother is Biruta Ezermale, daughter of Ume, who looked like Uma Thurman when
she was young I would imagine. Something to do with Indo-European languages and the CIA
Sweden (“Secret Service trying to get close to Sandra’s heart” — it was music in 1978).
May 2 at 11:55am
Karin Catherine Waldegrave No, he has not evidently changed his name yet.
Hello there. :)
May 2 at 11:56am
Karin Catherine Waldegrave To what? “Ezermals” naturally to get away from
Division Falange Azul.
May 2 at 11:56am
Karin Catherine Waldegrave They had swans for symbols. Nicolai was born in
France (Lothring).
May 2 at 11:56am
Karin Catherine Waldegrave X-Dokumente.
May 2 at 11:57am
Karin Catherine Waldegrave Ref.: Afghanistan 1979, Islamic Revolution 1979, my
parents divorce due to my father’s abduction, and the plane crash of Joe Dassin (Prinzessin Cartoon
Character of Estonia “Bignose” and dinosaurs), also ABBA’s chess musical and T~onu ~Oim of
Margaret Vera (1940).
May 3 at 1:17am
We do not have a 60+ year old son “Ross” for child and do not need his disgusting family to
continue stalking us contrary to my husband’s instructions to me in 2003 already. He does not need
them as wife or the so called “granddaughters for girlfriends.”
May 5 at 2:38pm
She is not welcome to be friends with us seven years ago and now turn into a total fiend. Not
welcome in our life and family after 24 March 2011. Not welcome to any yo-yo relationship. No, I do
not understand MORSE.May 5 at 2:42pm.Karin Catherine Waldegrave And we do not forgive such
perverse behaviour towards me and their father’s physical attack upon me in 2008 trying to murder
their grandmother’s things even silver spoons of Far and Away are in the basement storage since
we sorted all between 2008 and 2009 and that there is n…o money left for them to be had form our
marriage and my property, our new matrimonial home and any real estate swindle project trying to
rob us yet again as an estranged Canada of Unietd Nations Haiti ransackers. They do not
understand they are not welcome here on that and any other basis at all after the 7 year swindle yet
again with fraud faces on since 2003 and indeed 1996 when their recruiters started killing my
husband’s wife.
May 5 at 2:56pm.
Karin Catherine Waldegrave They were only 10 and 12 then and now 25 and 27 I
guess. NOT WELCOME. NOT A PART OF OUR MARRIAGE. We do not need your 60+ year old
father as a son. He has killed his mother and attempted ot batter his stepmother younger than him in
2008. He is not welcome to any notion we are his parents to try to take over in our lives through the
disgusting pervert family of his and his estranged wife.
May 5 at 2:57pm.
Mother the secretarial pool typist as an RCMp relative to low class police lawyer father as abusive
as Michael Bryant. Threatening as battered mother and father , his own, over the past 15 years,
when raising these two now jaded and vulgar …doctoring-nursing fiends. They are not at all
anyone’s baby any longer. Stop attacking arguign you are “grampa’s children.” He wants his wife
back not to be murdered after her without anyone normal for a legally married wife and spouse in his
marriage (I am) — you are not welcome to any politics here with deleted records, and twisting and
wresting our three property titles from me an dus together and to any of our assets. You
grandmother’s are in the basement. They said they did not want them in 2008. We are storing them.
They ar enot welcome to our things, our homes, and our dignity, Paul Bernardo perverts Canada
Inc. International and Kristel Ehala.
They are not our friends, but perverts who stalk around the building trying to come in here to
alienate honourable spousal affe…ctionate sentiment in an already long heritage marriage and
organize a conflagration of sorts to try to kill us, trying to lure me away so they can come a start
ransacking here pretending to be friends with their long since alienated grandfather with whom they
never had a relationship at all. They do not understand that trying to build a relationship with him by
lying to him in a childish manner about their plans is not sensible over and above the briefing he
gave me about the family and his plans already in 2003.
May 5 at 3:31pm.
Everything here beongs to me and all our money and they are not welcome here battering me for
assets through their erstwhile grandfather whom they have never assisted with anything, only
battered for assets since they were born educating themselves to be professional killers.
May 5 at 3:32pm.
Karin Catherine Waldegrave Ther is no relationship between us and him and
them. Every time Brittany Finlay telephones here her message is relayed as “shut your trap, we’ll hit
you, kill you, delete your records, grab everything you own and leave you in the street, “F…’ing ” was
used thrice today and she just did not quit dialling our number. Never responsive to any normal
argument. I am told by CSIS they are the goevrnment of Estonia in Canada
The perverts have climbed a nearby condominium corporation roof and are using tw…o ugly fat
men with their pants half down to moon us from downstairs, looking in to skylights. Brittany Finlay’s
colleagues apparently
This is not Walde Grave, the cairn pyramid mass grave of serial murder? With only me left as of
1915 of the von Hohenberg Habsburg-Lothrinegns, English speaking, my great grandfather’s father,
my great grandfather, his second wife – Countes…s von Berg, his entire friendly academically
talented aristocratic British Eurasia organization, nice human beings of proper values,
non-psychopaths, my grandfather’s three brothers, two half, half sister Margaret Vera, and my father
and mother’s M. Eng. career battered since 1979, and now attacking me here in Canada after my
husband Peter Udo Hanff Gerhardt was Buddhist-brainwashed between 1997 and 2000 to join his
Austrian-German nationalist systems instead of keeping to proper values, Ronald Morton Sanskrit
Smith dead, et al, all my grandfather’s friends until 1979. What William does not understand is that
we did not need him at all, and George Blake with the Cambridge Five and Standard Oil attached
since 1987 also all the disgusting print and media.See More
May 5 at 6:30pm
Karin Catherine Waldegrave
Please note my father was abducted by Islamist terrorists working with George Blake’s context through the Soviet Union after their organization stalked him since his visit to Czechoslovakia (“Castle Tour”) in 1976
May 8 at 8:32am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave and grabbed him from our family in 1980 after threatening, stalking and attacking him through sabotage and attempted incidents in his directorial M. Eng. career attempting career damage until he was appointed to the national Information Institute in Estonia as a colleague of Daniel Hopp and Juhan Va:rk and a Mr. Vingissaar.
 May 8 at 8:32am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave Who they are through CREES/CERES, University of Toronto? Jana Oldfield and “FLORENCIA” Zagidoulline, mother of Ilyouza Zagidoulline, and grandmother of Diana Gataulin of Israel.
 May 8 at 8:33am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave ‎F LOREN CIA”: Tyler Kent’s “F” “Lothringens/the Lorraine” Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), plus “MOSSY MOSSADEQ + les MOSSADI”
 May 8 at 8:34am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave She is nee “Valeyyev” of a Scandinavian grandfather abducted into Tatarstan in the 19th Century by Imperial Russia.
 May 8 at 8:35am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave Her grandfather was abducted from Finland.
 May 8 at 8:35am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave Jana Oldfield is linked to it. I am not. Brett Young also.
 May 8 at 8:36am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave Julie Mindlin also (Brett Young coded to her as “bread unleavened”)
 May 8 at 8:36am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave Likely in the Russian language we do not speak.
 May 8 at 8:37am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave ‎rye unleavened”
 May 8 at 8:37am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave Something to do with the Lievens and Anatole France. Anna Talle Prantsusmaa instead of another TOMBSTONE and Char a Lot (Charlotte Bavarian Hendrik Thomas of the Federal Idiots’ Psy War) BEER-STEIN!
 May 8 at 8:38am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave ‎ANNA STEINBERG” = “Give them a tombstone, Monte.”
 May 8 at 8:39am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave Estonia never had any right to prevent my parents continuation of their happy marriage after my father’s return and to collude in his rekidnapping to murder. Threatening us all with a Charles I style beheading and sending us disgusting text amounting to mock executions.
 May 8 at 8:40am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave
 Canada and the United States are not welcome to blame me and my grandfather and his friends for any Islamist terrorism linked through Robert Clegg Austin to Balkan and Afghan Wars since the Second World War (Sir Fitzroy Maclean — he is FRI…See More
 May 8 at 8:45am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave He is a total terrorist from my perspective, and a social terrorist.
 May 8 at 8:45am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave
 Since 1976 when I was only 6 years old. I always believed my father when he said he never cheated in marriage and I understood he was being abducted, also that there was a plan to take me with him only to kill me by a chemical lobotomy for …See More
 May 8 at 8:50am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave In 1965.
 May 8 at 8:50am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave
 Tell them to quit attacking me together with these people through the Government of Canada low IQ Paul Bernardo program of disgusting people and inbred government baby-agents and the burlesque from their PAPERCLIPPINGS of violating people s…See More
 May 8 at 8:54am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave Margaret MacMillan has been misteaching history to trade college students to gain more troops and other treateners for her mental-grade religiously crazy colonial systems. We are not impressed.
 May 8 at 8:55am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave This is Francesca Thyssen-Bornemisza’s project and she is not welcome to continue her network’s assault upon me, for anything, disrespecting our proper values and humouring the low IQ “international community.”
 May 8 at 8:56am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave And Margaret MacMillan needs to come to terms with the notion that she is not a professional academic historian but a hoax as a professor.
 May 8 at 8:57am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave
 With one of the series of improperly awarded Order of Canadas (Endel Tulving, Norman S. Robertson for the fundraising efforts of Mrs. Norman S. Robertson, Margaret MacMillan, not as yet Tom Delworth for Tajan’s class disruption of Congress …See More
 May 8 at 9:05am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave In cahoots with total terrorists, state-supported, and government lunacy.
 May 8 at 9:06am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave He thinks of Stephen Harper as seven pillars of no wisdom at all and a torcher of books (Harper Torchbooks), ref.: T. H. Lawrence, Seven Pillars of Wisdom (1962, Cuban/Kuban’ Cossack Missile/Missive (?) Crisis edition). They tawdry mentality. Simon Schama’s tiled Amsterdam.
 May 8 at 9:08am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave Tyler Kent, tiler Kent.
 May 8 at 9:08am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave Kent Brulee? Charlotte Beers and McCain Fries-Burner? They are themselves: the U.S. Military.
 May 8 at 9:09am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave Please reread Fitzroy Maclean’s Eastern Approaches (Alexandria, Virginia: TIME, 1949/1950).
 May 8 at 9:12am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave It is inappropriate for the British government to attack me and my great grandfather’s heritage and networks what is intelligently and nicely stil lleft of them me included through a low IQ government agent program while debilitating intellectual endeavour and improperly controlling history to death doing damage to our proper values.
 May 8 at 9:14am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave
 The British Army (Paul Robinson et al) is not welcome to loot for academic publishing and museum trophy pforit for themselves while engaged i nwhat is essentially class warfare together with the increasingly common House of Lords, Covent Ga…See More
 May 8 at 9:17am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave ‎pforit” not, “profit”
 May 8 at 9:17am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave Berne Conventions Paul Bernardos since Anthony Eden in 1956
 May 8 at 9:18am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave And Tony Judt of Paris.
 May 8 at 9:18am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave Example of FBI religious crazies on low IQ program? Curt Hudson, Brent Davis, and his religious colleague in his early 20s pretending to be a SCREENTECH industrial ink salesman (aniline dyes, NORCOTE), and Monica Lewinski [“Le Wine, a pres-ski”].
 May 8 at 9:20am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave Please advise Brill Cllinton to cancel his “economy stupid.”
 May 8 at 9:21am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave ‎brille”?
 May 8 at 9:21am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave
 In 1977 Hedley Bull published Anarchical Society, 1979 the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and there was (the anti-Mossadeq also) Islamic Revolution in Iran, 1980 the Soviet Union held the Moscow Olympics. It is disgusting to note the Sovi…See More
 May 8 at 9:27am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave Estonian foreign policy is mismanaged as well in this context.
 May 8 at 9:27am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave Ref.: Thyssen funding for LLM at Dorpat (contemporary).
 May 8 at 9:28am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave Fran Mick (Prof. Francine Mckenzie Szonyi) is a stalking lackey to the said network of Judeo-Islamist et al state terrorists.
 May 8 at 9:30am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave
 It is a low IQ police funded program through schools, trade colleges, and universities, favouring their created agent education in exchange for harassing and stalking and snooping on any and all normal human beings who are not at all them a…See More
 May 8 at 9:33am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave My family has never exploited, robbed, used and abused anyone.
 May 8 at 9:33am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave To speak of Margaret MacMillan’s “using and abusing” project, useful idiots and the MacBeth natural born killers’ project.
 May 8 at 9:34am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave Stupid people whom the government uses to do harm.
 May 8 at 9:35am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave
 Plus those “Maggie for Margaret Bridget Fonda” lunatic asylum’s want to defame and debilitate for the purpose of murdering for profit (salaries and otherwise internationally for themselves, people who want ot earn from attempted economic as…See More
 May 8 at 9:47am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave Intrusions rather. Over armed, including electronically, and increasingly low IQ, databasing internationally since 1995/1996 and stalking, obsessed, with Blackberries and mobile telephones.
 May 8 at 9:48am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave ‎together”
 May 8 at 9:48am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave spelling
 May 8 at 9:48am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave ‎for revenue”
 May 8 at 9:49am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave ‎raqueteering” Carbon-X! (badminton raquet company, har, har of course)
 May 8 at 9:49am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave Andrew Szonyi’s group (Francine McKenzie’s father-in-law)
 May 8 at 9:50am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave These people are acting-grade brazen and possibly personally kill.
 May 8 at 9:51am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave Russian style? It is Nazi German style as well.
 May 8 at 9:52am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave Since 1933.
 May 8 at 9:52am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave
 Francine McKenzie could simply be a government stalker abducting more people for Paul Bernardo to rape and kill, in their systems, or a burlesque actress for the military a la Marlene Dietrich, being a serious normal person and a heritage H…See More
 May 8 at 9:55am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave ‎Szabo-tage”
 May 8 at 9:55am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave ‎Szonyitage”
 May 8 at 9:55am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave Unitaz.
 May 8 at 9:56am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave No, I do not understand why their life needs to be in attention span others’ backside-centric, in expression as well as perverse in mentality. Estonians of Canadians (Paul Attemann of St. Catharines and Casablanca 1942 project included — Paul Bernardo White House) do not understand any normal person only crazy Norman bishops?
 May 8 at 10:00am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave Soviet Bollywood? Disgusting people, your entire “social” network.
 May 8 at 10:00am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave They have threatened through Austria as well.
 May 8 at 10:01am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave Israel the Soviet Union as a Western state in the Middle East today with a separate foreign policy from the Pentagon? Also them?
 May 8 at 10:03am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave Prof. Robert Eugene (Bob) Johnson and Prof. H. Gordon Skilling may have met him during the castle tours organized by “Jana.”
 May 8 at 10:35am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave Islamist terrorists you ask? Going to Lausanne to cancel Mohammed Mossadeq’s and Karl Eckstein’s law degree and his Grand Ph.D. from Muscovy Russia, Kyivan Rus, Nowgorod viking Rurik, et al? It appears they are now Israelis, together with Vladimir Spivakov and his family.
 May 8 at 10:44am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave Who is this mother “Jewski” to M. Y.O.B. Norway and Erik Puskar of Thyssen? The Austrian Royal Family von Hohenberg? You ARE crazy.
 May 8 at 10:47am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave I accept that Otto von Habsburg-Lothringen and my father’s father’s and mother’s heritage is not at all anything Trotskyites have supported.
 May 8 at 10:48am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave And in Austria’s case as Royal Austria, Imperial Russia, almost never. The British were needed there to make peace through Baltic Germans.
 May 8 at 10:49am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave And Francine McKenzie Szonyi has understood Britain historically did not usually get anywhere with Russia as the two European “wing powers.”
 May 8 at 10:50am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave They used my mother as a provincial official to represent Estonia to Moscow, between 1965 and 1985, attack commencing 1985 – 1987.
 May 8 at 10:51am
 Karin Catherine Waldegrave ‎The best of Europeans.”
 May 8 at 10:51am
Karin Catherine Waldegrave Brusilov switched his allegiance to Trotsky in 1916 disappointed in
“the failure of the Czar” to send reinforcements.

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