Karin Catherine Waldegrave

Karin Catherine Waldegrave (Von Berg Habsburg)

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Worked at Ontario Hydro International (Sr. VP, Operations Arvo Niitenberg) (Student Intern (Executive Assistant, Export Development Projects))Studied at University of TorontoLives inToronto, OntarioMarriedFrom London, United Kingdom

Education and Work

  • Student Intern (Executive Assistant, Export Development Projects)
    • Director’s Assistant, CREES/CERES, Toronto & the Andrew Mellon Foundation
    • Communications Officer, NCE Micronet, Canada
    • Matrimonial Investor/Co-Owner Technograph Ltd., Toronto
    • Executive Assistant, Kanish & Partners, Corporate Accountants
    • Assistant, Consulate General of Nepal (visas to climb the Everest)
    • Matrimonial Investor/Co-Owner Finlay Travel Ltd. sold to Helen Thompson
  • Student Intern (Executive Assistant, Export Development Projects)
    • University Tutor, History of International Relations up to the 21st Century

      (political and natural geography, comparative philosophy, economic, diplomatic, weapons and energy engineering, and advances in civil engineering, wars, academic developments, social history, art and architectural history, the history of the Big Five of the royal families)

    • Languages

      English, Estonian, French, Russian, Swedish, Latvian, German, Gallic, Latin

Grad School
    • Ph.D., History of International Relations in progress, 2012
    • M.A., History of International Relations, 2004
    • Hon. B.A., International Relations Specialist
    • LLB, International Law, 1988 – 1989
    • Tallinn 21st, English, graduated 1988


People Who Inspire Karin Catherine
  • Me, myself and I.


Sports Karin Catherine Plays
  • Lake Ontario, and beyond, Great Lakes, and beyond, family yacht cruising, some racing, last dinghy race won was in 2004.

Favorite Teams
  • Not Simon Le Bon’s. 🙂

Favorite Athletes
  • None

Activities and Interests


Basic Information

About Karin Catherine My great grandfather’s, father’s and grandfather’s baby-friend. Absolutely enjoyed their company since 1969, and still.

Interested In Men

Relationship Status Married
Anniversary October 6, 2003

Sex Female

Contact Information


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