Karin Catherine Waldegrave FEBRUARY 2011

FEBRUARY 3, 2011

Karin Catherine Waldegrave
Sir James Roland Edward Waldegrave Kell, the grandson, my father. No Habsburg boys only girls since Henry VIII? Not the “Louisiana NATO Bolgar-Magyar Khan Vanadium Polonium Industry Real Estate Mossadi Anne Steinberg” methinks. Hurting my father because you do not want him to be married to my mother since 1965 and have his English her…itage historically stated and inheritance accrue to him, through me, with us, not against us, with you, through his grandfather, including my husband Gordon Finlay, and my ex-husband Peeter Leppik (“Peter Udo Gerhardt”), and my mother the Austrian Nina (‘La Nina‘) Waldegrave Kell as a Habsburg Princess duly married to an Englishman of comparable heritage and rank, is not at all a viable foreign policy for any normal person, post-Communist Estonia.See More
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    • Karin Catherine Waldegrave His son died at two weeks of age in 1981. There were no daughters from his Estonian speaking Zagidoulline-Valeyyev-Gataulin kidnapping.
    • February 3 at 10:56am
    • Karin Catherine Waldegrave ‎”Jaan Steinberg” speaking of Henry Hopp’s tombstones.
    • February 3 at 10:57am
    • Karin Catherine Waldegrave He does not actually look like a wolf to me. I was told in 1976, something about greywolf’s eyes at times. They are sky blue.
    • February 3 at 10:59am
    • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Like grandmothers.
    • February 3 at 10:59am
    • Karin Catherine Waldegrave ‎”r’s”
    • February 3 at 9:42pm
    • Karin Catherine Waldegrave
    • Tony Clement: Why are you here in Canada Tony, can you comment on my mother’s stepmother’s suffocation death in 1980 during my father’s abduction by Zagidoulline-Valeyyev, also Joe Dassin‘s and Arvo Niitenberg’s perhaps? Why do you hide you… worked for AECL as a lawyer, also for Electrolyzer Corp. (uses of liquid hydrogen – I have seen the BBQ), on your resume, when President to be Vladimir Putin visited Canada in 1994? Manchester? How come? Why Canada? Jewish? [DOC] Biography – University of Toronto – Faculty of LawFile Format: Microsoft Word – View as HTML
    • Biography. Mr. Tony Clement. Tony Clement is a graduate of the Faculty of Law, University of Toronto. He completed his political science degree at U of T in …
    • www.law.utoronto.ca/documents/press…/Tony_Clement_bio.doc – SimilarSee More
    • February 3 at 9:47pm
    • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Teflon? http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/tony-clement-thrives-on-being-the-teflon-man/article1788283/
    • February 3 at 10:00pm
    • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Gore-tex, Kevlar? Good heavens!
    • February 3 at 10:01pm
    • Karin Catherine Waldegrave ‎”with us” not “with you” above
    • February 3 at 10:02pm
    • Karin Catherine Waldegrave I wil restate it better soon!
    • February 3 at 10:03pm
    • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Bit rambling.
    • February 3 at 10:03pm
    • Karin Catherine Waldegrave ‎”wil” is “will” here


by Karin Catherine Waldegrave on Friday, February 4, 2011 at 2:06pm

It is my opinion that Prof. Tiina Ann Kirss of the University of Toronto tried to get the FBI, NATO and the Pentagon to harass any and all Waldegrave Kells and first-marriage children of Otto von Habsburg-Lothringen to death to grab all of our assets around the world including scholarly archival assets and university administration and military service records, also our senior level aeronautical and precision industrial engineering and management career records, to be destroyed, this as of 1997/1998 (“ATTEMANN”).

She and hers et al have tried to have us covertly talked down around the world in various sinister database initiatives, while we were systematically lied to, and about, to smear, and to have us all debilitated in career competencies, and possibly otherwise, and killed.

They are to cease and desist, together with any and all crooked CSIS officers and the RCMP, also Interpol involved in this loathsome robbery and harm, also relentless economic, broadcasting, printing, publishing, and socialite warfare.

Ref.: “BRETT YOUNG”, “FRANCINE MCKENZIE,” “PROF. PAUL ROBINSON,” “MICHELLE OBAMA ROBINSON,” and “TIINA ANN KIRSS,” “EDA SEPP,” “ERIC MICHAEL WALSH,” “MARGARET MACMILLAN,” “WESLEY WARK,” “FRANK SCHUMACHER,” “KEVIN A. O’BRIEN,” “MICHAEL KATSUYA,” “TONY BLAIR” (jiggling change in his pocket picture form the heritage robbery) and “MICHAEL SZONYI,” “MICHAEL BRYANT,” “ANDREW SZONYI,” “D. M. SZONYI,” “SUSAN ANTEBI” (depraved mentality), “ROSA M. SARABIA,” “LUIS SARABIA,” “LUIS ANTEBI,” “STEPHANIE OUNPUU,” “EHA OUNPUU,” “CINDY YELLE,” “PAUl YELLE,” “OLEV TRASS,” “MARE TAAGPERA,” “JURI KIVIMAE,” “NEVILLE THOMPSON,” “TOOMAS HENDRIK ILVES,” “AUREL BRAUN,” “JANICE STEIN” in the 1994/1995 International Journal [GOLDDIGGING EDITION] “change seeking in Canada’s foreign and defence policy,” for university endowments and otherwise, of the Canadian Institute of International Affairs.

The same edition shows Canada’s senior historian Prof. Robert Bothwell registering an effective vote of no confidence in political scientists masquerading as Historians of International Relations/historical policy analysts, and as less than comprehensively competent constructive and heritage-mindful Historians of foriegn policy, also, I should add, in fraud-faced colleagues increasingly estranged from the competent Historians of International Relations/historical policy analysts due to their increasingly intense determination to pursue what James Der Derian has argued is Trotskyite present and future value asset takeover-supporting “anti-diplomacy,” on and off campus, and less than the natural respectful meritocracy of collegial relations (e.g. succession planning for someone’s tenure to be captured by pushy affirmative action promoted personnel effectively incompetent, too junior, ideologically validated and indoctrinated, and rude, all the way to Moscow and Switzerland).

Fifteen years later, I agree again their crazy futuristic real-time machinations were never welcome, and also argue that there was and is no need in Canada for international trade scholarship such as Prof. Francine McKenzie’s Ph.D. thesis (Cambridge University), on the GATT, masquerading as History of International Relations merely to help create a second personal academic storefront in the family for her as Prof. Michael Szonyi’s wife, for the purpose of more of such machinations, to be able to use her separate published name, on an obvious affirmative action program together with Prof. Margaret MacMillan’s.

She is not a competent graduate school scholar as a Historian of International Relations and is capable at best of reading lectures to first and second year non-specialist students from Prof. Bothwell’s old notes, still, as in 1994/1995.

She should also have her foreign credentials assessed (if not her supremacist mentality) as a recently European Union indoctrinated Political Scientist a la Knudsen who thinks so closely with real-time Washington and its McKinsey report crowd of ISO 9000 Eurasian “national insecurity” industry as to be the equivalent of psycho-hooliganistic VOA/RFE broadcasting personnel in the Hungarian Revolution 1956 jiggling change in their pockets.

Margaret MacMillan by the way remains a Provost (student residence rent collector and executive janitor) never having become an academic historian at all after teaching Ryerson college here in Canada for the same sinister machination’s attempted success, for fifteen years, while supported by the whole White House entourage of the late Richard Holbrooke, following Tom Delworth, Canada’s former Ambassador to both East and West Germany who helped draw up the “Canada – EU Joint Political Action Plan” increasingly in evidence as sinister also in Canadian-American relations.


    • Karin Catherine Waldegrave

      Prof. Francine McKenzie and Prof. Michael Szonyi as represented by henchman Prof. James Flath at the University of Western Ontario did nothing for four years but try to veiled-haggle over my great grandfather’s and my grandfather’s and his”shadow big brother’s” assets trying to take them for themselves in everything all the way to the Burmah Oil Company and archival records for scholarly publishing, then leaping to the scheme of trying to kill me as of January 2010 having murdered my grandfather and kidnapped my father, also my mother, overseas since the academic year of 1997/1998 and indeed in 1994/1995 when the young over 30 year old Prof. Francine McKenzie hopped onto a Thyssen elevator at the University of Toronto wearing a red windbreaker parka and threatened to ruin my life to achieve a “proper bank balance” for herself and her network of fiendish robbers. That she is even murdering Richard Holbrooke and Margaret “Use and Abuse of English History” MacMillan, arguing them to be less than her stalking self is not a thought which occurs to many.
      February 4 at 4:06pm
    • Karin Catherine WaldegraveTo~nis Peebo by the way is their agent who works for Canada.

      February 4 at 4:10pm
    • Karin Catherine WaldegraveObsessed Irish terrorist and a Hungarian Gypsy archive thief!

      February 4 at 4:12pm
    • Karin Catherine WaldegraveCIA/FBI agents both, and the Pentagon?

      February 4 at 4:18pm
    • Karin Catherine WaldegraveWhat Prof. Francine McKenzie’s problem is, as a junior university professor, is that she is a low class Trotskyite RCMP/CSIS agent-woman who cannot be a reputable academic because she lacks any and all respect for any normal person as an obessive compulsive second or third generation aggressor, campus and otherwise, and that she is by marriage a Communist group mentality-based robber.

      February 4 at 5:58pm
    • Karin Catherine WaldegraveFrom my perspective, she is a backward, rude, Easterner.

      February 4 at 5:58pm
    • Karin Catherine WaldegraveEnamoured with maximizing power through marriage to the KGB + FBI.

      February 4 at 5:59pm


by Karin Catherine Waldegrave on Sunday, February 6, 2011 at 10:29pm

Sobey’s takeover last year not going well at Yonge & St. Clair in Toronto.

Please arrange for location takeover by Remark (Windsor and London, Ontario) right away to improve matters. Remark is a nice multi-location store, not Pusateri’s, owned by family Remark (their actual name), and not decidedly less than the Summerhill Market. Everything is uglier than ever here and more expensive than ever, and most of the service staff are decidedly crazy-rude.

Examples: you cannot buy sandwich-watercress which is not damaged, wilted and covered in sand and the fishmonger is trying to pat the store’s customers, running out from behind the counter to try to do so. I hence must also explain yet again online that Prof. Nash Mayfield and Prof. Tiina Ann Kirss are not welcome to bring their “Austin Powers service ethic” just outside our back door together with their usual commercial crooks.

For heavens’ sake, and not for any normal people of course, just order watercress from at least “slegersgreens.com” if not the orange-green striped brand from California and stop being lowbrow and rude please. I am still not certain what you can do about your network simply globally undermining what is supposed to be civil society by its mentality.


    • Karin Catherine Waldegrave

      I cannot see how any normal person can get anything out of that store without being insulted to tears on a daily basis. It does not appears to bother the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade/Foreign Affairs Canada, however, as most of them do not apparently miss/miff (Biblical spelling, Old German soft Spanish “s”!) clean watercress for sandwiches, praising on, internationally and nationally, the sandy one, with their Pimms/PMs/Premiers!
      February 6 at 10:33pm
    • Karin Catherine WaldegraveHaven’t the foggiest as to what has happened here other than Crappak and Peter Paunic all over again celebrating Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, which was the day before yesterday I think.

      February 6 at 10:47pm
    • Karin Catherine WaldegraveNot that we ever hated the St. Paragraph Clause costume which my husband was asked to wear to an event for which I through appropriate to braid my hair into long blonde braids, X-mas 1998 as Mrs. St. Paragraph Clause. My mother did not kill him, or my father Sir James (“Jack”) Waldegrave, and neither did Reet Ku:nnapuu, Leppik (Mrs. Udo Gerhardt), Kasak-Ounpuu, or Ernst Ounpuu.

      February 6 at 10:52pm
    • Karin Catherine Waldegrave‎”through” = “thought” here

      February 6 at 10:53pm
    • Karin Catherine WaldegraveWe are not the circus. It was to humour Mark and Evi Saar, and Anita Saar-Eistrat, Mark’s LSE M.B.A. graduate sister, married to Juhani Eistrat, B.A. (Chemistry) advertising industry. Less Kari/e/n Kruus.

      February 6 at 10:56pm
    • Karin Catherine WaldegraveOr Tom Cruise.

      February 6 at 10:58pm
    • Karin Catherine WaldegraveAlso Brett Young et al and ey al fox!

      February 6 at 11:10pm
    • Karin Catherine WaldegraveYou are supposed to say “EI-IIAL FOX!”

      February 6 at 11:11pm
    • Karin Catherine WaldegraveAnd not “Rebecca Spagnolo Fox,” for KPMG example.

      February 6 at 11:12pm
    • Karin Catherine Waldegrave ‎”Non-profit”?!?: http://www.pbn.com/Paul-Attemann,40916

      February 7 at 12:38am


by Karin Catherine Waldegrave on Saturday, February 12, 2011 at 12:16pm


[PDF] Kross Vabaduse varav.. – EERIK-NIILES KROSS – “Õpetaja Vilma Kahk oli silmnähta- … Antropov, Juri 13. Ariste, Paul 28. Asserien, Arend 82 … Kahk, Vilma 12, 16. Kaiv, Johannes 132. Kallas, Ave 9 …



    • Karin Catherine WaldegraveHired for his looks and moody self-righteous psycopathy. Rain Kaarma was always the more normal human version of the particular Estonian type. 🙂

      February 12 at 12:17pm
    • Karin Catherine WaldegraveHaven’t the foggiest what you have done to the latter’s hair. I remember him being as blond as Eerik at school. Same eyeglasses.

      February 12 at 12:19pm
    • Karin Catherine WaldegraveFore example, it never even occurred to me at school to even pay attention to Lionide Breszchnev.

      February 12 at 12:20pm
    • Karin Catherine WaldegraveI do understand he wanted to become a diplomat with the latter still very much alive!

      February 12 at 12:20pm
    • Karin Catherine WaldegraveI think there is a pic online somewhere.

      February 12 at 12:21pm
    • Karin Catherine WaldegraveAs for Eerik. I do not remember him ever even doing so much at school as politely saying hello to anybody. He was so antisocial as to be impolite in my opinion, a passive aggressor, I see, in retrospect.

      February 12 at 12:23pm
    • Karin Catherine WaldegraveNot that I know Rain Kaarma personally of course. Just the airs!

      February 12 at 12:24pm
    • Karin Catherine Waldegrave‎:)

      February 12 at 12:24pm
    • Karin Catherine Waldegrave

      Note Eerik Kross was tapped to be a diplomat whether or not the Soviet Union fell, and that he and his tried to kill me already in law school (Jaan Kross not Eerik Kross attended it!), just after high school, as an underaged child. Now yet again (at 41!), complete with Toomas Sildma:e receiving an MBA recently from the University of Western Ontario! Just have a look see what he has done to my London, Ontario home even – last week – as a crook and a hate campaigner!
      February 12 at 12:32pm
    • Karin Catherine WaldegraveAs usual, I submit he still cannot argue from his education to even Vilma Kahk and Ivika Feldt that he is a better Historian than I am.

      February 12 at 12:33pm
    • Karin Catherine WaldegravePossibly only to Peeter Va:ljas and not with even so much as our math teachers’ assistance, with the possible exception of Mrs. Juhkam.

      February 12 at 12:34pm
    • Karin Catherine WaldegraveI do not understand what it is you have done to Estonia.

      February 12 at 12:36pm
    • Karin Catherine WaldegraveTogether with Olev Tra:ss and the post-Communist and Vlassovite Russians et al and the political low-cut cleavage on even Angela Merkel’s publicity photo shoot/shots. For heaven’s sake, Mr. Dress-Up!

      February 12 at 12:38pm
    • Karin Catherine WaldegraveHola! They are themsilv’s.

      February 12 at 12:39pm
    • Karin Catherine WaldegraveEllen Niit still alive in IR U, VA NA, DE KOD, U, with Tiina Ann Kirss gunning for her archives?

      February 12 at 12:40pm
    • Karin Catherine WaldegraveJaan Kross (d. 2007).

      February 12 at 12:41pm
    • Karin Catherine WaldegraveXX?

      February 12 at 12:41pm
    • Karin Catherine WaldegraveXXX?

      February 12 at 12:41pm
    • Karin Catherine WaldegraveVirgin killers. Faithful wife attackers. Blasted carpenter! Religious crazy.

      February 12 at 12:43pm
    • Karin Catherine Waldegrave

      Eerik is an FBI agent with a publishing program who seeks the improper last word on evertything otgether with Cindy Babski of 60 Minutes to speak of any Waldegrave Kell and von Hohenberg Habsburg-Lothringen. The FBI says they did not hire anyone through even their journalists as readily than former KGB agents, second or third generation, with publishing or broadcasting access. eerik Kross again! In my opinion you/they are not to be as prominent in every field in the human epistemology of dignified knowledge with the effect of crowding out and serially killing all non-members to their F “B/P” I! UBS/UPS? How clever indeed for the Seeing-Eye “A”! Brille Mad-U
      February 12 at 1:04pm
    • Karin Catherine WaldegraveYou understand Babski never actually intended to be Eerik’s wife for the whole of his natural lifespan? Heritage gap? Excellent. Tutorin sherpa? MI5/FBI post-1945, harm through Historical Section. Asset grab from my great grandfather while attempting to systematically prevent me from accomplishing anything in the world. Proper values? Not al all.

      February 12 at 1:07pm
    • Karin Catherine Waldegrave‎”Tutorin'” = “Tutoring” here.

      February 12 at 1:07pm
    • Karin Catherine WaldegraveSee Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones!

      February 12 at 1:10pm
    • Karin Catherine WaldegraveBeing employed not for, but against, your people (I am not them – I am heritage British and Canadian with a European secondary education largely in the English language) is not much of a diplomatic career.

      February 12 at 1:12pm
    • Karin Catherine WaldegraveWe all know what the KGB did for a living. The FBI is the KGB of the United States, RCMP and CSIS are them in Canada, and MI5 is MI5 of course in the UK, promoting their lower classes and Canadian diplomats and evil worse upward at my expense and my great grandfathers?

      February 12 at 1:14pm
    • Karin Catherine Waldegrave

      There never was anything by the way wrong with my Immigration File or Due Immigration Process, or with me and my resume or my fundamental senior executive grade intelelctual, academic and organizational ability, in Canada, and none of you ever had any right (Ref.: Arvo Niitenberg, Human Resources and Academic) to attempt to slime me and “RE”-attempt to kill me as the Soviet Union and Western Cold Warriors periodically tried to do since my birth overseas of British and Austrian diplomatic ancestry. You have tried to kill any and all my natural parents and grandparents also since thier birth pretty much, as enemies, now attempting to illegally take issue with me, obsessively, somehow anyhow, promoting military grade assault through civilian systems nationally n dinternationally even under NATO’s Art. 2! All vetting and revetting of me and my Immigration Files (all clear and everything else) was firmly ended between 1993 and January 1995) and thereafter turning my life into an incesant attack campaign through diplomacy and worse to grab resources from me and future value resources, particularly my very substantial British ancestral estate, for diplomats and worse, internationally, is illegal and obscene, particularly after the most recent battering serial killing spree of my parentage since December 2000/January 2001, and unheard of slimy and Holocaustlike death threats uttered in Hebrew by Prof. Frank Schumacher (impersonator of Eerik Kross at UWO) as of 2010!
      February 12 at 1:26pm
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Watch that spelling yet again, my dear foreign Secretary “intellectual” not “in-telly-lectural,” and variations

        February 13 at 9:38pm
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave

        Not to mention yet again that on the occasion of almost my whole family’s death by serial killing it is not appropriate to send me a picture of a whole white crossed pricket fence with a naive looking kitten mewling on it, in Russian handwriting, then return my fathre’s books saying he is no longer available to receive them and that Mrs. Zaigidoulline has divorced him after the post-1980 farce to 1992, and more?!?@#$%^&*()_+
        February 13 at 9:43pm
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave ‎”White cross [valgerist?] picket fence,” 2011, above. George Blake?

        February 13 at 9:44pm
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave ‎”Fathre” here is “father” of course not “fat her!”

        February 13 at 9:45pm
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Methinks Prof. Tiina Ann Kirss is behind it.

        February 13 at 9:45pm
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Depraved.

        February 13 at 9:46pm
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave ‎”Fat her!” and “Bon mot her!” the way they network now think of parents?

        February 13 at 9:47pm
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave English spelling.

        February 13 at 9:47pm
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Never mind the BON NORmans, just “mot her” I guess.

        February 13 at 9:48pm
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave ‎[PDF] Kross Vabaduse varav.. – EERIK-NIILES KROSS – [ Translate this page ]File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View

        February 13 at 10:05pm
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Bill “Gates of Freedom” to him!

        February 13 at 10:06pm
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave

        HOW DIGUSTING: “Kross the Younger”:Arctic Sea kaaperdaja: tellija oli Eerik-Niiles Kross – Eesti … – [ Translate this page ]12 juuni 2010 … „Ma ei tea, millega seda tõestada, kuid tellijaks oli ärimees Eerik-Niiles Kross, kes elab Eestis, endine riigiametnik. …
        www.epl.ee/artikkel/578444 – CachedAbout the Russian Church in Estonia by Eerik Niiles KrossThe historian Eerik Niiles Kross writes that the Church conflict will be solved only when the Church of Moscow will be changed from an instrument of …
        www.orthodoxa.org/GB/estonia/…/russian_church.htm – Cached -SimilarTänases «Reporteris»: valedetektori-testi läbib Eerik-Niiles Kross … – [ Translate this page ]8 veeb. 2011 … Täna istub pihitooli endine luurekoordinaator Eerik-Niiles Kross. … Endise luurekoordinaator Eerik-Niiles Krossi kohta võib ka öelda, …
        www.elu24.ee/?id=385028 – CachedEerik-Niiles Kross pidas Savisaare pildi tulistamist naljakaks … – [ Translate this page ]8 veeb. 2011 … DELFI – Täna jätkas Kanal 2 saade “Reporter” rabava rubriigiga, kus riigikogusse kandideerijad läbisid valedetektori-testi.
        publik.delfi.ee › Publik › Film ja TV – CachedEstonia refutes “Arctic Sea” allegations | balticreports.com17 Jun 2010 … Chief State Prosecutor Lavly Lepp told Postimees that no connection between hijacking the ship and Eerik-Niiles Kross was found during …
        balticreports.com/?p=19780 – CachedEerik-Niiles Kross on tuntud kohut käiva mehena – Õhtuleht – [ Translate this page ]14 veeb. 2000 … Oma poliitilist karjääri alustas Eerik-Niiles Kross diplomaadina, tõustes enne Eestisse tagasitulekut saatkonna ministernõunikuks …www.ohtuleht.ee/index.aspx?id=89035 – Cached – SimilarEerik-Niiles Kross pihitoolis: olen proovinud kanepit ja juhtinud … – [ Translate this page ]8 veeb. 2011 … Endine luurekoordinaator ning Roheliste nimekirjas …www.ohtuleht.ee/index.aspx?id=413865 – Cached
        February 13 at 10:47pm
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Whose tawdry agenda is this anyway? Canada’s?

        February 13 at 10:48pm
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave California’s?

        February 13 at 10:48pm
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave He, together with Anto Raukas and Rego Ostonen, and of course NORDION and AECL, now wants a nuclear power plant for Estonia, after NATO Estonia Simm Russian spy scandal and Peter Simm and Inga-Kai Puskar-Polonski-Polonium attempts here and murdering Arvo Niitenberg and his more sensible Canadian social network?http://www.postimees.ee/031106/esileht/arvamus/226741.php?r

        February 13 at 10:53pm
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave See Aleksandr Litvinenko (d. 2006) and the suspiciously similar looking death of TEDCO’s Estonian architect Erkki Pukonen (d. 2008).

        February 14 at 12:45am
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave See also Eric Michael Walsh, weapons diplomat, Canada.

        February 14 at 12:46am
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave B. 1972! 🙂

        February 14 at 12:46am


      by Karin Catherine Waldegrave on Saturday, February 12, 2011 at 4:51pm

      Giving Joan Finlay gradually a brain tumour as of 1995/1996 to have her defaced to suit envious and vindictive interests, interested, some of them (Joanne McCracken, East German stewardesses, etc., etc.) lifelong (some of them are still single I see trying to argue their lower middle class selves above me to rip into our marriage by means of an unwanted fraudfaced cookie bake) to this day in ripping Gordon Finlay away from his faithful marriage as an international and local asset, and now threatening me and him, was not, and is not, at all, how shall I say it to Prof. Frank Schumacher and Tiina Ann Kirss, OSH-KOSH! GO SIT ON A PINECONE FRANCINE MCKENZIE – DIRTY COMPETITIVE EAST EUROPEAN BREEDER CHURCH INDIFEL, INCOMPETENT FRAUDULENT NO VALUE ADDED SCHOOL MARM! You are not welcome in our long marriage, and we do not want murderous grown up children in it either, not form Gordon’s prior marriage (all grown up, over 60, 26, and 28+), unlike you in yours. We are nice and valuable ourselves. They have their own marriages to support, and not through us, ever, again! Joan agreed she did not actually get along with her incraesingly pushy son, and Gordon, after he graduated form university (University of Toronto, 1972, History, English and Law) and particularly as of between 1995 and 2003 while his parents were being set up to be killed by this technology. He did nothing but expect Gordon to die soon after his wife as of January 2003, beginning to batter him for a relationship he did not want to fraudulently achieve total control of his assets, and his self, without any credible relationship to him, in bad faith, and unsuccessfully. He is not welcome in our now long spousal relationship and marriage (read the Canadian legal definitions please, since 2003, married legally since 2005) and they/he all owe me more by now for their attempt to hurt me, and us, than their complete financial worth is, combined, self-earned and contributed. Do please also note that I am a wealthy British heiress and a Candian citizen, customarily well-off and a faithfully married, who has never livedd off of her parents, and a normal person, whose husband was similarly battered as of 1995/1996 as of when the 13th Earl Waldegrave died in Somerset, England, and our marriage is honourable. My ex-husband and Gordon have never contemplated murdering their ancestors for inheritance either, nor thier parents and grandparents. I will sue you for the scheme of attempting to argue me down behind my back through the University of Toronto, where the technology scheme and stalking, also asset grab, commenced (I was never fired, never quit in 1997/1998). DO CEASE and DESIST ALREADY. Even CREES/CERES was vandalized before the takeover group arrived to improperly reconstitute it as of 1997/1998. Your doing I believe! NATO Benjamin Moore Economist handprint paintball vandal!


        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave This is the Second World War continued, and the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.

          February 12 at 4:52pm
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave How disgusting indeed.

          February 12 at 4:53pm
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Prof. Tiina Ann Kirss’s name on it also! Thanks.

          February 12 at 4:53pm
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave And the husbands who use wifely, student and other group aggression to advance themselves.

          February 12 at 4:54pm
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Totally disgusting diplomacy.

          February 12 at 4:54pm
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave We have no intention of adopting a murderous “OUROWN TOMBSTONE DISPENSER” — “V~OTA not ANNA STEINBERG” either!

          February 12 at 4:57pm
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave What Estonia has done to my father, and even his abductor “second wife” of 30 years since 1980. Anna is not of either of them, both hurt — thyroid problems induced in her, by technology, as of 1995/1996.

          February 12 at 4:59pm
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave This will go through the University of Toronto. All of us graduates!

          February 12 at 5:00pm
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Not Queen’s and the Alfred Bader Red Army Herstmoceux Faction!

          February 12 at 5:00pm
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Yes, my parents were happily nad faithfully married, thanks to my grandfather’s networks, in 1965, not George Blake.

          February 12 at 5:01pm
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave or Karl Ekstein. Sulzer – BP, 1987? 🙂

          February 12 at 5:06pm
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Moscow. Hiring Anu Ehin and arguing her above me was not a nice idea either. 🙂

          February 12 at 5:07pm
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave This project – nothing to it to dismantle!

          February 12 at 5:07pm
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave All of it.

          February 12 at 5:07pm
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Have a Vanadium, oil fountainer!

          February 12 at 5:08pm
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Three year maternity leave promoter supremacist Frenchies et al. arguing normal people down in life and marriage alike. YOU- NOT MUCH.

          February 12 at 5:08pm
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave You never had the right to do even so much as to put together the Aubergine commercial to begin harassing us, infidel!

          February 12 at 5:13pm
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Get your Mexican pesos out of Trinity College, Munk Centre for International Studies, and stop stealing my wallet as in 1997/1998 – opening hostilities – ESTONIAN CHAIR GIRL FRIDAY PROJECT, BOBIN’SON, 1997/1998 after threats were uttered by then very Jr. Prof. Francine McKenzie on a Thyssen elevator in 1994/1995!

          February 12 at 5:15pm
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave

          Not to mention ask yourself to what extent you have argued your wife up through affirmative action programs and by means of doing half the intellectual work for her yourself, since school and university, forming a wife-supportive exploitative network of international cronies of your colleagues and friends for her who continue to disrespect any normal person and possibly even her, then hiding behind her affirmative action programs for wives, together, and even for children, to continue to do harm to more substantive individuals and normal childless and other married couples and socially and otherwise organizationally non-aggressive individuals, as a systematic dirty competitive device, as a male, and indeed vice versa, a female, and indeed what about senior lawyers who marry their interns and make them a showcase Bilderberg American President in a global asset and heritage ripping burlesque. Try mentioning Nicolas Sarkozy also here.:)
          February 12 at 5:55pm
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave

          Also, in terms of invading homes as cat burglars and leaving threatening text and artefacts and giving digusting kitch and artefacts as gifts to target individuals and thier families, not that my grandfather, my husband, his grandmother, and I have never, pretty much, owned any unoriginal and unvaluable as opposed to invaluable piece of art (sculpture, painting and watercolous, charcoal drawings, etc., a major $200,000 heritage piano in my husband’s mother’s case) and I have noticed to what extent these artefacts have been targeted while someone has insisted on hanging absolute nonsense on their walls and placing disgusting literature on their bookshelves — tainted text and textbooks, also religious nonsense. My grandfather did not have a taste for religious kitch. His oil painting is worth so much to any and all Estonian art museums as to perhaps have warranted attention from Indiana Jones’s “it belongs in a museum” O.J. Simpsons – he owned it for decades, also the smaller painting/drawing (some pencil) next to it. He had no interest in pinning a sailing harbour poster underneath it and placing Russian wooden bowls on his shelf, which never changed for years. He was not into alien things and Ersatz in anything – note the round mooning crossed armed plate sized silver colour framed chromed sort of trifle — disgusting taste – not his or grandmothers at all, over the years. The same was done to Angnes Pabstel-Ku:nnapuu between 1997/1998 and 2001/2002, disgusting frog statues and books placed all over her shelf while inundating her with property requests form Estonia and Florida (Berit O~im, T~onu ~Oim), with her original Wiiralts argued to be fakes and not originals behing her back, and suggestions made by Katarina Norheim, a junrio banker from Sweden, that some of her belongings never even belonged to her as a Baltic German-Scottish ancestry war refugee through Sweden from Estonia to Canada (can you imagine cutting a portrait belonging to you already out of a picture frame to bring it what she thought was originally illegally as a stolen artefact, even harbour ferry souvenir boxed spoons! – to Canada – do not buy them, she will be after them again!) I note that Swedish auction houses are online at least keenly interested in pricing Wiiralt to this day and carry original prints. Also, note the de-hearted Inuit sculpture of 129 Hammersmith Avenue (owners: “my husband and me” — instantly reduced in value to near worthless by vandalism — we never intended to sell it — it was to start an art collection since we were only 21 and 29 years old for Peter). Furthermore, my grandfather and I had, and have, no tolerance of less than museum quality framing and artframes, and my father was always capable of charcoal portraits, competent oil paintings and watercolours in his own right, also top quality photography, much of it now gone. DOSTOP ASSAULT ON MY ANCESTRAL, OWN AND MATRIMONIAL ASSETS THROUGH YOUR CROOKS AND NONSENSE, and on us – the normal people — the non-members of your global organized criminal asset ripping pervert network of dirty competitive computerized psychos, investors in this technology.
          February 12 at 6:50pm
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Agy did not want to stay in Sweden after 1949 because of this mentality. Coming here from Sweden to ruin her with it on behalf of the European Union, as a Canadian, in her old age, is simply disgusting to me, and to any normal person I believe.

          February 12 at 6:54pm
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Also, who bought my grandmother the disgustingly coloured tablecloth? I note they always owned things more normal throughout their lifetime exercising their own human agency in these matters.

          February 12 at 6:55pm
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave

          If you want ot know what thier standards of organization and cleanliness were in everyday life and not during a messy renovation you only have to have taken note of their meticulously organized and nicely decorated super clean kitchen designed by grandfather complete with a built-in natural-air cold pantry (special permit to draw air form outdoors through condominium wall) in addition to the fridge, and custom-poured glossy never destroyable non-concrete hallway floor. What you are is simply crazy and I am not open to any advice from your network’s lower classes on any practical or other matters in temrs of full and complete control by me and oversight understanding your disgusting mentality and lack of not only erudition but also of normal life skills, proper values and steady philosophical soundness.
          February 12 at 7:01pm
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave ‎”ot” is “to” here

          February 12 at 7:01pm
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave

          Who has done this? The European Union as interepreted by Canada and American agents in Canada — FBI [EFPI in Estonia with Ka:se Kamp — Chiswick Cheddar Cheese Gang — in it!] brought in to rob former CIA and FBI backed business owners since 1997/1998 just in time for the Millennium and beyond, none having been ever regarded as their “second harvest” of sorts all the way to their ripped out clean lungs and kidneys and hearts and minds promised to overseas transplanters around the world (my husband’s and mine evidently – disgusting commercial mentality indeed!), but business owners to whom promises were made of an honourable commercial buyout by large American firms over the years and not of any attack by snoop-to-vandalize-and-rob systems and other asset grab, also threats to sever life and limb by mid-life through the Government of Canada!
          February 12 at 7:05pm
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Total war by idiot grade intellects?! Yes.

          February 12 at 7:06pm
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Please let me add that Katarina Norheim was even used through the banking system to calculate everyone’s remaining mortgages here if any. Robberbaroness of NORheim Sweden? 🙂

          February 12 at 7:12pm
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Yes. 🙂

          February 12 at 7:13pm
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave

          Actually the FBI is murdering the FBI here, also Canadians, I think, a ssuits Canadians less than their targents, comprehensively. No one of course told me anything about the CIA and its agents running businesses across the border and anywhere in the foreign world only to incur a major FBI ISO 900) grade robbery periodically to suit vicious disrty competitive personal empire building and asset and futures denial interests.
          February 12 at 7:15pm
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave ISO 9000 not 900!

          February 12 at 7:15pm
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Not to mention the 200 books by now missing form my 2,000 book library. 🙂

          February 12 at 7:16pm
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Indifel? I mean infidel of course. 🙂

          February 15 at 3:58am
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Never mind. Just imagine Clouseau. 🙂

          February 15 at 3:58am
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Aaron Spelling!

          February 15 at 4:02am
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave To mention spelling of course.

          February 15 at 4:02am
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Mack Frankenzie!

          February 18 at 6:23am
        • Karin Catherine Waldegrave No. Muck Frankenzie!

          February 18 at 6:23am


          by Karin Catherine Waldegrave on Sunday, February 13, 2011 at 5:16pm

          As a never fired, never quit, and never exit interviewed University of Toronto Historian of International Relations (Hon. B.A., M.A., Ph.D. in progress), and a junior foreign policy research institute heritage staff member at the University of Toronto, in the tradition of my great grandfather Sir James Vernon Waldegrave Kell (b. 1873 – d. 1942), who founded and headed up MI5 (1908 – 1940), and to whom promises of continued seniority building employment at the university were continually made as of the academic year 1997/1998 (I mean to me and not to my great grandfather) as a part of my Immigration Canada package negotiated between private persons including myself and government officials of Estonia, the United Kingdom and Canada, between 1985 and 1995, as a junior under-aged independent investor class immigrant of both British and Canadian heritage, and a continuing junior academic, recruited to Canada through the Anglo-American-Canadian nuclear industry, to be university educated in Canada (my ancestor Admiral William Waldegrave governed Newfoundland during Napoleonic Wars), in covert and then overt European civil war as of 1976, I write to request that a steering committee and a panel of discussants be assembled at the University of Toronto to help me inquire into what is gradually proving to be an all out systematic and comprehensive military grade assault upon me, ever since, and upon my ex-husband, husband, and his now late first wife, my mother and father, and my mother’s and father’s only siblings, and my grandparents, and their only siblings, including the late Edward James of MI6 (b. 1917 – d. 2002), with only one of my grandparents, 95 year old former Crown Prince of Austria-Hungary Otto von Habsburg-Lothringen (b. 1912), remaining alive since the covert killing spree which commenced in our ancestral families in between 1938 and 1942 and again as of 1996/1997 in connection with the Olympic Games in Atlanta, and continued aggressively in 1997/1998 through any and all international civilian systems by a university related self-serving social network of Prof. Olev Träss, a Harvard educated University of Toronto Chemical Engineer. My grandmother was a member of the clans von Hohenberg and von Nostitz-Rieneck (Hohenzollern) and not a Russian Royal Family member as rumoured. Please let me explain that there was no interest among Austrians to marry their royals into Russia after the First World War, albeit Canada remains uncertain about the fate of the Russian Crown Princess Anastasia. My mother is not a Russian, Red or White, and she has never spoken any language with a Slavonic accent. We have never been hostile to them. We have simply never been them.

          My grandfather’s second wife (m. 1951) Regina von Saxe-Meiningen died in 2010, having been internationally shadowed by a face-value “merry wives” burlesque surrounding her lookalike Estonian soprano Annely Sarv-Peebo since 1985, younger than me by about two to three years, who became a party to my attempted murder after the 1987 merger of BP and Standard Oil by means of the $7.6 Billion purchase of Standard Oil by BP, for the next phase in the Eurasian and North American Cold War, to take my Baltic German-Austrian fiancé, for her, in marriage, while continuing to pillory my grandfather Otto and my parents with The Sound of Music, produced in the year they married (1965) with my senior international trade and industrial policy management executive M. Eng. mother Nina (La Nina b. 1943) becoming von Habsburg-Lothringen Waldegrave Kell ever since, under alias, married to my father Sir James Roland Waldegrave Kell (“Jaak/Jack Steinberg”).

          My name at birth was coded to “Karin Britt Catherine [Scandinavian Tombstone in Scots Gallic] Steinberg” while being “Karin Catherine von Habsburg-Lothringen Waldegrave Kell” (b. 1969 of Austrian and British diplomatic parentage, Europe) to be changed after official clarification in the form of the official MI5 and MI6 histories which appeared in 2008 and 2010 after 60 years of official non-disclosure since 1942. All these people have either met or have been friends with Elle Vilo-Struthers, an Estonian, at our Royal Canadian Yacht Club (RCYC). In this context, I am shocked that the Peebo (the name is also an alias – his since birth secrecy in 1938, married to Malle Telshow) – Sarv marriage, so assiduously cultivated, over my attempted dead body, by Estonia and its “international community” (no, I am not ugly, academically untalented as a Historian of International Relations and a legal philosopher since age 8, not even as an amateur interior designer, unhealthy, or unfit, unfaithful, or jealous – yes, Tõnis Peebo is famous for the longest platonic female admirer correspondent list anywhere in the world since high school, and so what, most of his arm’s length school associates are not at all a threat to anybody and he was popular for his looks and personality and trained as a business planner and a diplomat after 10 months of local police liaison for an army after secondary school as the son of the former Mayor of Pernau/Pärnu, Estonia before his father’s reappointment as a corporate Vice President) has come apart with Annely taken from it.

          It appears she only stayed in it to be taken care of during her early fashion modeling career, makeover and continued voice coaching in Estonia and that he now lives with a local mother of his children unmarried, there having been demand for marrying his wife off to Vienna, Austria, by design since fundamentally taking advantage of him and his family as her temporary support system, without any children from their brief marriage ever intended, after they were satisfied they had failed to kill me and began covering up the attempt, smiling, with me settling down, sensibly married, in Toronto, Canada, and not keeping in close touch with them at all, with the exception of a few emails sent to me in 1994/1995 with polite responses wired off and correspondence ended on my part with the Peebos. I am not certain as to what the Annely Peebo entourage plans were to continue international attack upon me. I suppose I am curious now as to who married her and named her son “Leon” after who appears to be Leon Trotsky, in the sheer pushiness factor of her social network.

          As for the continuing Estonian locals, my grandfather Roland “W. K. / Double U.K.” who once stated his name in 1976/1977 as “Kell, UK” and got it put on a nice little local community convenience store [“Kelluka” in Estonian, meaning “of the trowel and of the bell and bellflower” or some such] was a lifelong employee of the corporation (“AGRO”) in the national Estonian local industries co-op conglomerate in which Ado Peebo was Vice President, a national corporate rank comparable to my mother being Deputy Minister in another industry of 40,000 employees which included small independent firms in costume design and international haute couture (she was also friends with now Hollywood film costume designer then tailor Krista Kajandu and her husband “ARS” Industrial Designer Juhan Kajandu now of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Estonia). He lived since 1976/1977 near the spectacular sprawling riverside Botanical Gardens popular with cross country hills and valleys skiers with each and every tree and shrub carefully brass-tagged. The new TV tower was only a few miles away and the national new cemetery Metsakalmistu. He owned a meticulously renovated one bedroom home there, with huge basement and a garage away from home for their meticulously polished car bought in the 1950s which movie companies began chasing as an antique. The small complex of four buildings was constructed as of 1973/1974 by “AGRO.”

          The attacking social network appears to be related to Russia and major international development initiatives in the developing Second and Third World, also Fourth World (which is a baffling new concept stated in Foreign Affairs magazine within the past 5 years – now there are four stratifications including perpetually failed pauper grade states), to the oil and energy sector and, improperly, to the nuclear industry, also international adoptions, and to any and all foreign governments under NATO’s Article 2 as offensive and fraudulent inter-allied, and out-of-area, economic and cultural cooperation attack networks, periodic international dirty competitive sports events and print-published and broadcast entertainments, also history textbooks as propaganda, the so-called peacekeeping, churching and policing systems, and increasingly aggressive and supremacist international development systems, some of them run from New York, New York, others from Langley, Virginia (CIA), and others still from Geneva, and others from Ottawa through the United Nations agencies, acting for profit whenever a Canadian “disaster” group wants to field itself. Just consider Haiti after the recent earthquake, Louisiana coast after El Nino, and ashen rain in Iceland. It appears the social network aggressively engineers the so called 9/11 disasters through urban planning and utility companies, then attempting to move in to pay its designated largesse recipients through insurance or otherwise at the expense of those it has attempted to financially impact, declining claims even if the culpability of the utility companies such as London Hydro in London, Ontario, is established, e.g., destroying a $400, 000 home’s environmental controls, and thereby the home (hot water based heating system, top to bottom), by turning off electricity to the home for 24 hours in subzero temperatures over an electronic banking error indicating a tardy receipt of $311.09 on an account duly paid by lifelong responsible homeowners, this over post-Christmas winter holidays in 2011 after engineering a similar disaster in 2008 without any financial component as a “sewer/suer as in suing them for their so sue me attitude backup” while entering the home pouring raw excrement on Human Resources files of essential documents, tax records, defacing a family album, and stealing Canadian citizenship cards from owners, while killing their grandparents (my grandfather Roland Waldegrave Kell, b. 1921 – d. 2008) in Estonia by lethal injection of Pneumonia during the week of their sitting Comprehensive Examinations for their Ph.D. in the History of International Relations at the University of Western Ontario, going for the upscale little five level back-split light cottage type home perversely again in August 2010, vandalizing its side door and garage door, and smashing glass in the basement, arguing London Hydro was trying to deliver routine correspondence to gain access to indoors. Culpable is Prof. Francine McKenzie’s social network wired to the University of Toronto’s Trinity College and worse as far as I can discern.

          As an almost the ideal immigrant to Canada as a returning English-speaking British heritage great granddaughter and also Canadian heritage holder, whom the Government of Canada, together with the British Government, promised to save harmless internationally and nationally here from any conflagration and attempted life ruin, including escalating systematic enemy impertinence, since I was under-aged (an independent child immigrant, without parents with me) from any further wars as in actual wars such as the First and the Second World War, and the United Nations Wars for the Third and Fourth World opinion and aggressive international and local political and other redevelopment, including civil wars, foreign intelligence wars and the Cold War – I was only 15 in 1985 and 25 in 1995 (b. 1969) – Canada’s promise to me now stands gravely breached thanks to this self-serving aggressive and blatantly systematically evil doing and perverse social network. Most are members of the said network already for three to four generations, spanning the same 100 years of human longevity during which their intent to do harm to my family, as asset takeover crooks, has not changed much. It appears as of 1995/1996 they started serially killing for assets for their social network’s East European agents here, arguing Russian and Axis spy American diplomat Tyler Kent and Russian Communist spy British MI6 traitor George Blake, yet again, above my great grandfather, my grandparents, my parents, and even me, as of 1985, as their British and international enemies did in 1940 and by 1966, yet again, after Irish terrorists helped George Blake to Moscow.

          Problematic in this context as their allies are also the ultra Right Wing East European and Canadian Millenarian and Milnerian Nazis of Trinity College and CSIS who have continued to cannibalize any and all normal polite upper class members of other social networks from whom there was/is something to rob, even if in terms of appropriated heritage for themselves, arguing collective tradition from such socialite robbery, before attempting to kill them, instead of saving them harmless from national and international harassment as promised, and even if only their human dignity for human experimental purposes, even hearts to harvest for transplants and minds to gratuitously destroy, hoping to debilitate and kill as suits the ongoing scheme of Canadian Human Resources mismanagement and diplomatic, police and foreign agent robbery facilitation from even posthumous estates, while hobnobbing internationally and globally with the likes of the KGB as their peers together with Magda Goebbels types, on flashy and pushy police wife affirmative action programs, married to them.

          The latter of course are to be made ubiquitous even if harvested en masse in loveless marriages from the Baltic States and Scandinavia, and assiduously sourced from California to Canada, for human typology, to become irritants to any normal person as supremacist micromanaged intellects capable of teaching no more than first year at university while demanding ever larger and more visible centrally located campus daycare centres for themselves and their intellectual products, yet some of whom keep being argued up as professors into graduate school even as Historians of International Relations while college provosts and incompetents (e.g. Prof. Margaret MacMillan and Prof. Francine McKenzie), for influence peddling and social aggression, and access for these ideologues as a social network, also to double faculty and media/other income for the husbands, while pompously swanning about, on flextime, arguing “elite formation” out of themselves together with offensive pansies such as Canadian military sniper Tyler Brule of Wallpaper Magazine backed by Rupert Murdoch, continues, backed also by Barbara Amiel Black, it appears.

          I also still do not understand why half of them need to be sweaty palmed medical professionals or nurses, and even female soldiers (I hate to say so but Kristel Ehala looks like a creep to me by now) used as military secretaries and psychopathic public relations personnel in embassy evening gowns. Others yet again are disgusting spinsters, ideologues and lactating mothers on scholarship studying other people in fiendish grade perverse targeted social science and other weirdo programs including over exercised under-intelligent sports programs, rather than politely contribute to value-added teaching, e.g. theirs are programs such as Women’s and Men’s and MENSA (The World’s Ostensible Highest IQ Glee Club) Studies and something increasingly approximating in content to “Hart House Varsity Stalking Group in Parks and for International Drug Infested Olympic Recreation,” others are left languishing in junior secretarial grade posts forever sporting their international accents after divorce post such foreign heritage extracted breedership with the husband occasionally bothering to take the children into next one.

          The network includes junior and even some senior university professors with links to the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade/Foreign Affairs Canada, Historical Section, and others such as MI5’s Historical Section and that of MI6. In sum, it has since the academic year of 1994/1995 viciously attacked my marriage, my accumulated assets, and my homes and cottages, also permeated my private yacht club for the purpose of harassing me there through its socially networked members and their East European spouses, keen to almost own it in their increasing pushiness, it appears, in the stead of any and all normal members and heritage members – I have been an associate and a member since I was only 20 years of age, also I am likely the British Royal Family’s closest relative there and the whole of Canada – and I have seen its tone and manner of management change beyond belief over the past 22 years due to the aggressive network which is trying to populate any and all valuable organizational and quality of life assets with its lunatic agents to the exclusion of any normal person.

          I am a polite youthful social conservative and 42 years of age this year, not to mention that it has escalated comprehensive assault as of January 2010 to now threatening even my person, with sexual torture and Holocaust-like death, and a libelled reputation, to cover up their serial killing spree in my family, overseas, all of whom are socially conservative serious and polite persons of proper values including matrimonial values and international business and accounting experience since the 19th Century and of practical M. Eng. and Ph.D. level erudition, this in order to try to continue to deny me, as my now late grandfather (d. 2008) and my now near late/late father (as of 2008 missing, incommunicado, presumed tortured and possibly also already dead, kidnapped again as in 1976) in my turn, my great grandfather’s estate since his untimely death in 1942.

          My grandfather’s now late brother (d. 2002) appears to have been employed in Burma in British Army uniform around this time as a senior MI6 officer, I mean after the war, providing his is not a war publicity shot from 1947 shown in the official history written by Prof. Keith Jeffery covering the history of MI6 from 1909 to 1949 up to the Geneva Conventions which created clear-cut obligations on the part of the Soviet Union occupying Estonia since 1945, with Prof. Christopher Andrew, the Official Historian of MI5 writing about MI5 from 1908 to today and printing my great grandfather’s official portrait in it the same year my grandfather, his son, was murdered and my father abducted, and I was told by grandfather in a posthumous letter the pervert network would try to rape my life and kill me next the same year – he had been told I was gone already it appears.[1]

          I note MI6 traitor to the Soviet Union my grandfather’s brother caused to be sentenced to 42 years at Wormwood Scrubbs the Anglo-Jewish George Blake, who escaped to Moscow, Russia, the Soviet Union, in 1966, a year after my parents married in the Baltic States thanks to my grandfather’s covert network there bringing together abducted and stranded royals and near royals – none of them Russian by ancestry, has recently received state honours from Russia and boasted in a Moscow media interview of being happily still an ideological Communist, gone native in Russia, and pleased to have a sons living with him in Russia, the other three living in England, still, saying he has watched British news ever since on satellite television and does not want to be back.[2] I imagine together with American Tyler Kent’s continued crazy supporters he remains my obsessed enemy with possible plans to murder me in my 42nd year, cutting my life short by about my next 55 years. Edward was mostly a corporate CEO sitting on various boards of various British companies, not and listed as working for MI5 or MI6 most of his life after the war.

          The network has attacked since 1997/1998 not only their persons, and attempted to kill me yet again, but also my customarily significant levels of wealth independent of the thus far uncollected estate of my great grandfather (yes, I do want it back), having attempted to do damage to my person as of January 2010, August 2010 and then January 2011, seriously damaging my property in January 2008, August 2010 and January/February 2011. In this connection, I see that it is reasonable to suggest they have attempted to libel and insult me behind my back and otherwise globally and not only batter my personal credibility, resume and academic record, but also tamper with my Canadian citizenship by means of a mean and loathsome lobbying campaign insinuating undue privilege. I have no intention of entertaining the thought that my grandfather’s brother intended to disown my grandfather, his younger and only sibling, leaving him happily in Estonia after 1945 in the clutches of the Soviet Union intending to murder his granddaughter also and to permit his children, and theirs, in the fourth, my generation, more wealth, by half, at my expense, through and for universities, and any and all Waldegraves as opposed to Waldegrave Kells. Note that the 13th Earl of Waldegrave also died in 1995/1996, causing his son to take over with new historical perspectives and political priorities and sensibilities, and no sophisticated heritage emotional historical connection to my grandfather whatsoever. It is almost certain that both the universities of Cambridge and Oxford are involved in attacking me, and Caandian and American recipients of Rhodes Scholarships through the University of Toronto and Harvard. The Waldegraves have traditionally sat on the Rhodes Scholarships Selection Committee.

          My legitimate immigration to Canada on a preferred basis, but not queue-jumping, or even arguing legitimate convention refugee status, as a very obviously a British accented person free of any East European accent, only self-exile, with my remarks, caveats, and qualifications, and a Work Permit, pending ancestral assets over and above investor assets, with citizenship to be processed over five years – it was. As mentioned, my ancestry is British and Austrian, and customarily extraterritorially protected as such by two Western diplomatic passports, this in the space of a single human generation of about 100 years (e.g. Austrian Edward L. Bernays lived 103 years in the United States, while due to war my great grandfather lived only 69 years, grandfather only 87, and grandfather’s brother only 85, my father was kidnapped at 30, then again at age 52 after his illegally micromanaged return to Europe, he went missing incommunicado again at age 62 in 2008, with burglary and mail based threats sent to me amounting to threats of beheading him by his 65th age year of 2011, for faculty retirement, according to the fiends (email print left arranged with other artefacts from Richard Wozenilek to Erna Haller on getting “rid of” employee surplus), as a former academic Senior Fellow, now threatening me since my age 30 with something-anything, and to take even my sanity by chemical injection, my excellent health and wealth, and expected longevity in life to close to 100 years also, not just my faithful lifelong marriage and my human agency in life, including my legitimate ancestral estate to be now inherited directly by me, without my grandfather, and my father, to whom it was denied, by attack, and his international and local manipulators, from my great grandfather, all now set to attack my life, as of 2008 according to my grandfather’s posthumously arrived letter, and by utterance as of 2010!

          As for any employee surplus, I have never been anyone’s employee to that extent, available for any exploitation and discarding, and Canada and the University of Toronto are still in arrears to me in terms of promising to nicely educate me and graduate me to the Ph.D. graduate level, which is needed for me to be a credible Historian of International Relations, practicing or not, since secondary school in which I already specialized in History and English (1985 – 2010), as an expected wealthy heiress as a Waldegrave Kell after the 60 year official archival disclosure deadline of my ancestry passed in 2002, and who never found our History Teacher Vilma Kahk and Ivika Feldt wither incompetent or objectionable, nor the retiring and shy Peter Väljas, while gradually building a university consulting career from junior level to senior executive level assistantship here in Canada, and eventually to suitable seniority for my ancestral rank, with the option for me to bow out of any employment, should I want to, on both our local entrepreneurial and ancestral assets, over and above salary received from university employment, never even setting up a charitable academic or other foundation of any kind if I so chose unlike Oxana Jacyk, a Soviet Ukrainian trained lawyer of the Petro Jacyk Foundation, established form Ukrainian Canadian community real estate wealth.

          Please note that the university and the Government of Canada et al have not had any right to cheat me and try to effect a global denial of service attack to ruin my life contrary to all solemn promises to defend me and save me harmless, and that they were NEVER entitled to any endless post-Citizenship “vetting and re-vetting” of me while making money for hundreds of thousands of harassers, local, national, and international curious nosy people, at my expense by now, Canadian and foreign, all weaselling around me and promoting themselves up through civil society and government on such merit.

          I have only handed out money to live here (my capital assets!), and I have been unpaid by the University of Toronto since 1997/1998 when it failed to create the promised slightly more senior temporary employment post for me, until needed, swindling me out of a junior foreign policy analytical directorial assistant’s post, and even had me personally systematically insulted by my family’s political enemies by making it mandatory for me to attend an academic event which turned out to be a 40 year tradition of an internationally ethnic community based professorial nudist camp to insult me to tears while calling me ROBINSON’s GIRL FRIDAY (1997/1998) – NOT SO, allowing these people to continue to attack me, escalating their snide lewd assault by mail, email and agent running, absurdly, to this day, without anyone doing anything to stop them and their network!

          “They are the FBI, dear” [ unabashed laughter through tears here]. I do not care. STOP THEM. YOU PROMISED.

          I consider this a colossal breach of trust and breach of contract on the part of both the Government of Canada and the university system, also the British Government which joined the European Union and thereby in effect merged with the European area located Soviet Bloc (and indeed natural resource beyond!) and other continental blocs some of them decidedly personally hostile to Sir Vernon Waldegrave Kell and interested in what amounts to always wanting to kill his lineage, also ransacking his archives and service records for their own historical purposes with new and old generations of their profit motivated systematic historical apologists. For the amount of harm inflicted by now, monetary, material and personal, since 1985, while ripping through my assets for preferred Canadian and foreign agents, harasser agents most, with the attitude that Canada can afford to exploit and throw away well educated upper class heritage immigrants and replace them with an endless influx (“more where they came from!”) of new ones after exploiting them in their youth so long as they are under age 30, many underpaid, grabbing some in marriage and simultaneously destroying others’ faithful marriages, this country owes me $12 Million a year, àla Maher Arar, for each of the 13 years and for damage done to my grandparents and parents also, while temporarily humouring me here until 1997/1998, then absurdly facilitating escalating assault.

          The Chair of Estonian Studies, University of Toronto, never had the right to petition for my time from the University of Toronto, in bad faith, for half a day, Fridays, in both 1997 and 1998, for access to my person, to be their mere typist and a constant target of lewd remarks while having my personal dignity and intellectual credibility and other credibility and dignity assailed and career undermined in the language fundamentally foreign to me (some of them meanwhile set out to convince all Finno-Ugrians and the Russians in their tradition that I do not even speak English , while speaking no English even to me themselves, and if so only with a remarkably thick Estonian, German, French or Slavonic type accent), not to mention Estonia never had any right to keep my grandfather Roland Edward James, born in 1921, involuntarily living there after war.

          [1] Keith Jeffery, The Secret History of MI6, 1909 – 1949 (New York: Penguin Press, 2010), 523 and Christopher Andrew, The Defence of the Realm: The Authorized History of MI5 (London: Penguin Group, 2008), 488.

          [2] George Blake, 11 November 2010, Izvestija, Moscow, syndicated across Eastern Europe, Sweden:http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/russia/8126815/British-double-agent-George-Blake-predicts-end-of-American-empire.html


            • Karin Catherine Waldegrave No major problem with explaining to Porf. Tiina Ann Kirss and Prof. Nash Mayfield how it is taht they owe me money by now, much more than $311.09, and not “never mind 9/11” or “3/11” here by 2011!

              February 13 at 5:30pm
            • Karin Catherine Waldegrave The Olympics of course will be held not in six months but somewhat later, speaking of Athens and Atlanta, and all the construction! 🙂

              February 13 at 5:31pm
            • Karin Catherine Waldegrave

              As for Prof. Paul Finlay Robinson as a Canadian agent married to a female Canadian soldier as a patriot while killing MI6 and B.A. heritage, and Newfoundland steeples, he writes about “military ethics” for Canada the way Michael Ignatieff writes “political ethics” for Canada, both thoroughlly ridiculous by now trying to splat the orange/British Smokey Black (?) cat/catten/kitten. Same publisher as Prof. Frank Schumacher’s and same employer as the pre-hired real-tears crying Governonr General for the planned Haitian Parliamentary (the building looks just like Hungary’s) “Vernon Lake and Lake Constance Mica Slippery PR Eel Jean” conflagration. — Heckers.
              February 13 at 5:37pm
            • Karin Catherine Waldegrave ‎”Porf.” = “Prof.” here

              February 13 at 6:07pm
            • Karin Catherine Waldegrave

              A major issue here is that Prof. Francine McKenzie and Prof. Michael Szonyi et al are members of a pervert network which will peeping tom in your grandparents and parents house and attack your marriage and dignity by electronics and sexual peeping tommery and eavesdroppings, also sexually explicit disgusting visual commentary, etc., thereby enjoying the disrty competitive advantage of non-transparent human dignity. It is not enough for them to have disgusting self revealing international actors tottering around in the world. They must attack any and all normal dignified person who is not a member of their own “non-transparency” pervert network attacking other more socially conservative, utterly upper class, homebody-faithful, nice and proper people. MOTHERFUCKER RUTT TULVING – YOU ARE SO DEPRAVED YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND THINK OF THIS AS NORMALCY. Explicit enough text with regards to the blatant misuse of CSIS, MI5, FBI et al? That they simply electronically “tom” and sexually assault by the same means three generations of people to rip their ancestral dignity and assets from them for themselves, also archives such as University of London, does not occur to them as simply profoundly wrong.
              February 14 at 12:26am
            • Karin Catherine Waldegrave MICAHEL KATSUYA! MICHAEL GEIST! UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA.

              February 14 at 12:26am
            • Karin Catherine Waldegrave ‎”distry” here is “dirty” competitive

              February 14 at 12:28am
            • Karin Catherine Waldegrave ‎”TITTENSTEIN!”

              February 14 at 12:28am
            • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Dorothy and Harry Meindok?

              February 14 at 12:28am
            • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Olev Tra:ss. Andres Taul. These people are involved in this.

              February 14 at 12:29am
            • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Endel Tulving I think simply brain-destroys people for the Government of Canada.

              February 14 at 12:29am
            • Karin Catherine Waldegrave And his social network of nudist sexually depraved sweaty palmed birthing obsessed rather than matrimonially sophisticated or normal poeple. They are “goony lunatics” or pervert-vandal crazies.

              February 14 at 12:33am
            • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Andres Taul thinks of it as owning “an invisible hat.” Oh, cool! Disgusting. Felt flowers on it?

              February 14 at 12:34am
            • Karin Catherine Waldegrave He has a Ph.D. from Oxford. 🙂

              February 14 at 12:35am
            • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Theology!

              February 14 at 12:35am
            • Karin Catherine Waldegrave He must think of it as being their God, on campus and otherwise! 😉

              February 14 at 12:37am
            • Karin Catherine Waldegrave I do not understand why anyone should take them seriously, yet they actually mean to do harm. Hmm.

              February 14 at 12:38am
            • Karin Catherine Waldegrave While being laughable-dumb and ridiculous. Smirk here.

              February 14 at 12:38am
            • Karin Catherine Waldegrave I think they even murder your real estate to get their equipment out of there.

              February 14 at 12:41am
            • Karin Catherine Waldegrave And force frequent renovations, while trying to grab real estate sub-value just before a renovation-cycle is completed. Your garbage out, thanks! 🙂

              February 14 at 12:42am
            • Karin Catherine Waldegrave

              Prof. Francine McKenzie et al burlesque of thinly disguised impertinent incompetents, do quit your posts, with the whole global network, please, including the recently constituted Cambridge University disguised police prof./student educating programs, in any and all academic disciplines, arts and crafts, including engineering, dentistry, the secretarial pool, etc. Go to an established police college and stop ruining civil society including academic endeavour. You are not needed until, say, a wallet is stolen, polite to a fault and in full uniform, and only if and when you are politely asked for brief assistance without making it a definitive life event for anybody due to your rampant databasing problem, now global, to inspire more harassment and gratuitous curiosity on your part. You are not needed in your manipulative primitive campaigning mentality in uqbiquity anywhere in the world, trying to unintelligently own it, with psycho-hooligan fraud-faces on, harassing civili society, particularly now that you have been increasingly equipped with NATO Art. 2 type and near military assault grade systems to continue to illicitly rip assets for yourselves and your families, while destroying civil society by steadily arguing, in any and all fields your fraud-faced fundamental incompetents over and above anyone else, all the time. Cheers! 🙂
              February 14 at 11:36am
            • Karin Catherine Waldegrave You are close to organized criminal pervert networks and rude ruffians I do not want to have anything to do with and I am still confused as to whetehr or not you are or are not an organized criminal pervert network exploiting police to do harm to normal human beings.

              February 14 at 11:39am
            • Karin Catherine Waldegrave It remains my opinion that if you are police or police agents, or intend to become them, you are not welcome to a graduate academic education, impersonating students, staff and faculty. We do not impersonate you, or your crooks!

              February 14 at 11:41am
            • Karin Catherine WALDEGRAVE

              Also, the organized criminal pervert network which constructed our upscale condominium building in 1997 is advised to stop peeping tommery in it and activist social programming while harassing homeowners in a variety of ways including maste r key type entry in absentia and aggressive impertinent socialite curiosity. Selling retired entrepreneurial couples, war veterans, and young married couples with toddler age children and without (also considering other residents such as young professionals such as accountants as renters in the building) $2.5 Million worth of real estate (us for example – we are married and have been spouses for 8 years in a long marriage, a second long and faithful marriage for both of us – lifelong home owners in Canada both with the exception of 1947 – 1952), continuing peeping over the years and other home invading behaviour by frequent knocks on the door, pamphlet and newsletter delivery to the door of already elevator posted annoucements, where they can be read, as opposed to leaving them solely in the mailbox or not at all making them beyond the elevator board, now wanting to put security cameras even on all our Thyssen Krupp — 🙂 — elevators for filming residents as opposed to only immediately observing from the concierge desk without recording them, is not at all an acceptable way to manage an upscale unit-owned building by the housing corporation which originally constructed it and by the obnoxious activist social committees some of whom are themselves owners and renters and subcontractors (Mrs. Rain in Spain Stays Mainly on the Plain/Plane). Also, we do not need a Monty Python Flying Circus grade and overbearing janitorial staff complement which has evidently been instructed to feel they own the building and not at all us. Something to do with civil society and daily manners I guess. 🙂
              February 14 at 1:36pm
            • Karin Catherine Waldegrave

              Also, stop attaching our extended families to us and weird friends. Joanne McCracken is not involved in our life and is not our next of kin. We are each others. Also, I have no children (I do not want any and I have not adopted as yet). My husband’s have long since grown up and have their own families, and he does not want children either, ever again. They are not at all a part of our life and have not been for the past 8 years, and my husband and his wife’s even longer. Stop trying ot micromanage us in a meddlesome devious socialite manner.
              February 14 at 1:40pm
            • Karin Catherine Waldegrave ‎”to” not “ot” – socialite and worse manner – i.e. we do not want a repreat of the intense mailing campaign as of 2003 form Melanie Duras misspelling our names and informing us she is now a registered real estate agent and not just a teacher of disabled children and a member of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church just over the bridge.

              February 14 at 1:42pm
            • Karin Catherine WALDEGRAVE

              Not to mention we are as yet to make up our mind about this phenomenon of “Kellock” as a function of “Kell” + “Och” which happens to be the connector “and” in Swedish. No hyphenated names expected in any strategically planned CIA-grade divo rce of course? No impertinence from grown up first marriage children and children from the divorced wife of that first marriage will be tolerated on my part and my husband’s, and from their extended organizational contexts – universities, law firms, hospitals, politicians, etc.
              February 14 at 1:47pm
            • Karin Catherine Waldegrave ‎”repreat” is “repeat” of course

              February 14 at 1:50pm
            • Karin Catherine Waldegrave ‎”form” = “from”

              February 14 at 1:50pm
            • Karin Catherine Waldegrave My husband is a Protestant and I can be both as an ancestral member of the three out of the world’s five major Royal Families not in the Papal, but Austrian Holy Roman Emperor tradition.

              February 14 at 1:52pm
            • Karin Catherine Waldegrave His wife was never personally involved with a church.

              February 14 at 1:52pm
            • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Also, Ted McEcoy of Gulf Oil was advised by us to stop denying our long and proper marriage, in good faith.

              February 14 at 1:54pm
            • Karin Catherine Waldegrave And WREN Anne Gauntley of Nottingham, United Kingdom.

              February 14 at 1:55pm
            • Karin Catherine Waldegrave ‎:)

              February 14 at 1:55pm
            • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Do not contemplate attaching “D’Ombrain” to Kell as in “Kellock-D’Ombrain” to Katie Adair, 28, next, in case her husband is a schemer.

              February 14 at 1:56pm
            • Karin Catherine Waldegrave It would pretty much make internationally “Kell and Dumb/D. Om. Buddha Brain.” 🙂

              February 14 at 1:57pm
            • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Not a nice idea to join a murder for assets network! 🙂

              February 14 at 1:58pm

    Social Network of Organized Criminal Perverts Strikes Again near University of Toronto, now 2011!

    by Karin Catherine Waldegrave on Saturday, February 19, 2011 at 11:48pm

    Under influence, Eric Michael Walsh (DFAIT/Foreign Affairs Canada) stalking again calling himself Carlos the Jackal (“KAR LOSING JAAK KELL”), with the departmental Bon Voyage Butt! and David-Servan Schreiber’s Karl-Heinz Schreiber “Anti-Cancer” technology attack and Polonium use pamphlets, for Canada’s Unwanted East Europeans in hand as they set out to do in 1997/1998 when I hired Prof. Robert Clegg Austin for their new “internee interment” program. I have nothing to do with it and neither did my parents and grandparents and great grandparents. Please fire “Walsh et al,” and his verbal emanations, and ask him to revise his language and the “mental-grade” departmental NATO plot to merge with the atomized ethnic group based Soviet Union under Article 2 and worse just in time for the Olympics and what they appear to regard as William III’s betrothals since William the Conqueror in 1066 and Domesday in importance, this while murdering my family, and any and all proper values, including maritomonial values, around the world, for profit for “CANADA” and “EAST-OWNIA.”


      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave

        These are people who gratuitously battered my entire Immigration Canada file and my resume, also attemptedly my person, illegally, as soon as the vetting process proper was over with binding finality, between 1993 and 1995, and they are now attempting to murder me. There is nothing at all wrong with me and, no, I have never had any kind of a reputational or any other problem, not even with my customary upper class politeness or excellent mental and physical health (super clean record lifelong). I went to nice schools, I do not have any East European dental fillings, or accent, and, yes, I am William’s stepsiblings’ Parker-Bowles’s moral superior, also his mother’s. Kindly get the stalking set of Talleyrands out of my life and stop murdering me. That Canada is/was (?) so fiendish as to threaten to even sell my clean not even second hand smoke raised human being’s lungs to the University of Edinburgh for a transplant to realize value from my person somehow anyhow for MI5 while Kate Middleton was being schooled there, I was not at all prepared to ever entertain. QUIT YOUR GLOBAL SUPREMACIST SCHEME OR TAKE FRANCINE MCKENZIE’S SEEING SHE SUPPOORTS YOUR DEPRAVITY AND HAS EVEN STALKED FOR THE PRIVILEGE FOR SUCH OUTCOMES. SHE SUPPORTS THEM. I DO NOT. DFAIT/Foreign Affairs Canada has in my opinion gone to the FBI with the sole intention of getting them to kill me somhow anyhow together with their foreign agents and Europe’s in the developing world, or worse in thei country, on the sly.
        February 20 at 12:36am
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave I do not understand why the network has had the temerity to argue themselves and their recently formed families over and above their moral capacity, and over and above me. You are pushy and depraved.

        February 20 at 12:37am
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave

        Heather Munro-Blum and the M.I.T. professor who was the University of Toronto president between 1994/1995 and 2001/2002 should have never been involved in any university’s government and governance. She spent her time mostly, I remember, writing snide letters, downrank, to departmental responsibles to try to get people fired, and the latter was here to promote increased technology assault capacity, dependent on technology development and adoption schedules, arguing he respected proper values including matrimonial values, this by means of attaching himself also to perverse gendered agendas through people such as Prof. Tiina Ann Adultress Kirss..
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Her organization’s fundraising practice, strategy and tactics, are simply morally wrong.

        February 20 at 12:52am
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave

        She has not done anything here, it seems, other than try to effect a contract killing, for profit, for a foreign government (British & Gordievsky’s) and for lowbrow Canadian and American et al agents personally selected to rip assets away from me, any and all, for themselves, on British scholarship. and theirs, in this context, even from ostensibly scholarly access to my great grandfather’s archives and in connection with my grandfatehr Otto von Habsburg-Lothringen of Austria-Hungary living in Bavaria.
        February 20 at 1:43am
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Prof. Francine McKenzie is not a professor but a rapacious RCMP marm only vaguely interested in the History of International Relations.

        February 20 at 1:44am
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Utterly and completely incompetent and resonant with the Gold Dig Plannig Edition of the CIIA Journal for Winter 1994/1995 (above).

        February 20 at 1:45am
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Contract killing me for the Soviet Union!

        February 20 at 1:46am
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave For any and all future value assets.

        February 20 at 1:49am
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave

        What Robert C. Austin’s internship program does, is run applicants out of the country together with their would be career killers and rude international ruiners, with its accomplishments argues from disguised RCMP and military, and police,agents from their junior foreign assignments (the same internships) to do harm to applicants who are not them, leaving very many of them stranded in foreign states with DFAIT/Foreign Affairs Canada having long since argued, fraud-faced, behind their back that it always intended to leave some of them behind, somewhere anywhere, even if in most dire life threatening circumstances, being all of a sudden harassed also locally by such agents, confused. This program needs to be shut down as unethical.
        February 20 at 2:09am
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Rpbert is their NATO coordinator under Article 2 “Austin Robert Cooperation and Conventration” by enemy impact.

        February 20 at 2:10am
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Janet Boyer says “it is difficult to come back to Canada unless you have your mother living here!” DO NOT APPLY.

        February 20 at 2:10am
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave

        They of course will argue these interns were impoverished anyway and needed to apply for $200 a month jobs in low income states, the languages which they spoke, after their $2000/mo allowance ran out. Just wait until they hear just how muchfinancial damage you have done to even me (never an intern or internee!) to try to harm me also. Also, wait until you hear that none of them are legitimate, but only a part of the global burlesque of fiendish theatricals – all of them since! I suppose they do not understand why it is that Albanian Arthur Lena’s financial need does not move me at all, any longer, or ever really, all the way to his uncle sitting in the United Kingdom as Albanian Ambassador arguing he needed to become Canadian through university gang-stalking access at the University of Toronto.
        February 20 at 2:15am
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave I do not understand that even pauper societies are welcome to collectively rob heritage and estates. He is not a pauper.

        February 20 at 2:16am
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave And stalk.

        February 20 at 2:17am
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave And swindle.

        February 20 at 2:18am
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave ‎”Rpbert” = “Robert” above

        February 20 at 2:18am
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave I think they paid them $2000 / mo for six months in 1996/1997 and 1997/1998.

        February 20 at 2:20am
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Tp be overseas for half a year.

        February 20 at 2:20am
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave ‎”To” above

        February 20 at 2:21am
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave What does Francine McKenzie do if they cannot impoverish you? Run to them and try to murder you!

        February 20 at 2:21am
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave The whole program is fundamentally run by Human Resources Canada.

        February 20 at 2:22am
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Their people in business? Simply batter your company to death.

        February 20 at 2:23am
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Also, Francine McKenzie, please inspire Kevin A. O’Brien not to send dirty and sticky emails to people referring to them as “Kar.”

        February 20 at 2:24am
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave And James Flath ones asking his campaign targets to say “please and thank you” in such unwelcome mail in replies requesting it cease.

        February 20 at 2:25am
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave CSIS? RCMP? DFAIT/Foreign Affairs Canada’s foreign agents, et al?

        February 20 at 2:26am
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Nationally connected to police harassment systems to effect robbery.

        February 20 at 2:27am
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave ‎”TEAM TODT” (“team-taught”) of Prof. Frank Schumacher, all of them, not welcome in my life.

        February 20 at 2:28am
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave Bankers and mooners.

        February 20 at 2:29am
      • Karin Catherine Waldegrave ‎”argued” and not “”argues” above, etc., etc.

        February 20 at 2:30am


    by Catherine WALDEGRAVE Karin on Sunday, February 13, 2011 at 6:06 pm

    The network also HAS to try to socially Continued batters and to argue my polite, accomplished and not at all ugly Retired Senior Executive mother down (yes, this is how “pretty disappointed” they’ve BEEN – I have never BEEN Molly Either my father or Or Grandmother and grandfather, we are stalking Even with professional fashion models and can easily Who Qualify themselves as profoundly stupid and ugly Several people over generations – Mirella Eberts EG, Mrs.. “Polish Toes Statement Accented Fat and Fat Woman from Calgary Remark That ‘not in , No such truth, or vile remarks accent!) At Any rate, and any objections under the “Fat Woman from Calgary,” please write to him and draw pictures too, in Polish!

    It never HAD Any right, too, manipulative and destructive to grab hold of my political, M. Eng. Either father,-after his birth to my grandfather, in Tallinn, United States, just-after the war, in 1946, together with the East Bloc and the Soviet Union, as of 1976, too, from her Taking the family into a Ph.D. Arguing he should program Become an academic – East West Comparative Philosopher – while looking like a cheat Matrimonial Internationally ostensibly married HAVING After Cheating (Did not he and he resented her Reputation for Proper values HAVING broken) to his handler, Eager-to-breed European Heritage faces out of herself as an international federal agent and his captors. My parents never cheated Each Other and it was evident to me how Even as a child operated on their methods over the four year period Between 1976 and 1980, and how to grab her away LocalSystem, the Human Resources system, the diplomats, et al collaborated to take him, he was attempting to argue locally, impractical and Imagined Haunting and stalking. He never DID, DID Anyone else and neither observant and rightfully resentful of this KGB International Systems et al. The Woman Came from an Already disgustingly contrives and conniving, absurdly mixed, commoners heritage, Which Suggests That was her grandfather Already a similarly abducted person, from Finland, as a tall blond Scandinavian, in the late 19th Century, and That he HAD BEEN MADE What Might Qualify to Marry into the local Inuit in Canada as type-Ugric Islamic community, for life, for their language learning to speak Instead of his own, never to return home. No one will believe it for a moment That Ethnic Tatars, Naturally, Are Slightly over six feet, fashion modeling grade lamb, Naturally black haired and light blue eyed, Barbara Amiel lookalikes, and ancestrally Sports European featured faces, as my father’s agent, abductor ments, HAVING BEEN Involved in photo journalism, with international Rumours plane crash, Plane Crashes, EVEN Mosfilm, and International Travel and Tour Organization for the international trade union movement. I notice in guiding those years by I would ask my father questions to the Extent That I Could That the Woman’s Relatives Were under International Federal Agency Liaison work, employed lawyers, doctors and fiendish psychologists, open to learning foreign languages to native fluency themselves if only they otherwise I could ditch for their Slavonic accent. None of Them Could. Used as my father was on their Estonian language instructor, given his fluency in the native language That, and with Russian Eesti Learned at the School as second languages to fluency in the Baltic States. He HAD the opportunity to learn Tatar, while they otherwise Continued Arguing to him that they otherwise were expelled under really Ethnic Hungarians and Bulgarians, Tatars and Mongols and not at all, through some ideological gimmick in Historical Geography. My mother and grandfather together, and I, Continued to Regard Them as Something Between Genghiz Khan and Ivan the Terrible, too home and Marriage Wreckers and they otherwise never visited the My Father’s Best Interests at Heart, not to mention grandfather never wanted to see the Siberian Far East or Russia or himself ever again come into her life again-after his Second World War Between 1940 and 1945 (age 19 to 24), HAVING BEEN Permitted to but not the United States to rejoin his brother in the United Kingdom with his family. The Same applied to my mother, to a Certain Extent, Whose father, Otto von Habsburg-Lothringen was summarily remarried to Regina von Saxe-Meinigen in Munich, Bavaria, After the Austrian Anschluss (1938), likely with the riveting first Arguments his whole family Including the two infant was born in 1942 and 1943 HAD BEEN lost in the war and died somewhere Used as Settlers of the East, moving in, many involuntarily, head of the family for insubordination to the noxious regime, After the conquering army was Already at Stalingrad by then. At least this is how things look to Prof. Richard J. Evans, also of Cambridge University, not just to me in 2008. In the United States, Where I was educated as a child, Eesti largely in the language since birth, my mother was always fluent, accent-free in the Estonian language, and others, and my grandfather. In Tatarstan, the agency Abduction Breeder watched my father over 12 years I am writing a Ph.D. thesis and for their work at the University as Senior Fellow in Comparative Philosophy, is “The Definition of Family,” Without Any Knowledge of Being as yet of himself as the grands of Sir Vernon WALDEGRAVE time, HAVING BEEN Knowledge this is denied to him the pain of death over “state secrets” During the farce into Which they otherwise CommentComments to turn his life steadily and we prevented from happening, particularly grandfather. Until 1992, my father was largely incommunicado, for 12 years, and I am not what they otherwise Certain Actually Explained to him eventually, or if ever, in this regards, possibly continuing to threaten and manipulate him as they otherwise held a grandfather for years, Forcing Local Cover stories have him.


      • Karin Catherine WALDEGRAVE Yes, he needs to have to understand about “That fat woman in Calgary Form” Before he goes to any more Canadyslis. 🙂

        February 13 at 6:09 pm
      • Karin Catherine WALDEGRAVE The reference book is Richard J.Evans, The Third Reich at War (New York: Penguin Press, 2009).

        February 13 at 6:10 pm
      • Karin Catherine WALDEGRAVE He becames a particularly Historias Senior Cambridge in 2008 for his Valiant Effort to link the whole war Lithuania and the concerted effort to Krupp.

        February 13 at 6:11 pm
      • Karin Catherine WALDEGRAVE pictorially Most notably, Because there any slow and comparatively uncritical readers would, too, would pay attention!

        February 13 at 6:12 pm
      • Karin Catherine WALDEGRAVE

        At Any rate, what I have come to Regard is a mysterious international organized criminal and a pervert serial killer Which Social Network Goes By “TEAM-TODT/TEAM-TAUGHT” (Ref.: semi-academic and nudist peeping tom breeder reactor Social Network y) HAS BEEN we are attacked, evidently increasingly ever since the academic year of 1994/1995 at the University of Toronto, in an out of control and vicious escalation continent, ie, as to Canada’s Cause we can promise to save harmless from Civil War, Foreign Intelligence Wars Between Major and minor states, Including Any and all of Canada’s own against it, we attempted Cold Wars Between 1976 and 1995, Almost to be breached. They otherwise commenced overseas in 1976 When my father was asked to travel to Czechoslovakia, for an international castle tour (I was only six years of age Then) only to have himself abducted from the family by an international Stalker network by 1980 Until 1992 And then again Between 1992 to today, and as of 2008 Without Trace, by people interested in breeding him, morganatic / mindlessly incubate in her old age / kill him, for any and all new face-value. What he and his new wife Did not the ostensible model was a Russian accented Estonian killer agent based in New ideologically we adopted the child managed to get through schools, as of Both on their enemy, by now I am calling “PUT UNDER A Tombstone Them ALL OVER AGAIN – ANNA STEINBERG ‘and Even my Grandparents needed her as a less affectionate Continued alienator of falsely for their son and his affections, Until Were they otherwise, under / near all dead.
        February 13 at 9:30 pm
      • Karin Catherine WALDEGRAVE My father was viciously upon abducted in grandfather’s death in 2008.

        February 13 at 9:31 pm
      • Karin Catherine WALDEGRAVE And I do not understand it at all what the network HAS done to him.

        February 13 at 9:32 pm
      • Karin Catherine WALDEGRAVE The MI5 and MI6 History (2008, 2010) Came back returned. Resend?

        February 13 at 9:33 pm
FEBRUARY 23, 2011
The Paul Bernardo murders reports are an internal affairs hoax put on by actors for the Government of Canada and intended as a threatening narrative.
February 23 at 6:37pm
Karin Catherine Waldegrave: Either that or they simply like them.
February 23 at 6:38pmKarin Catherine Waldegrave: What is Peeter Leppik’s problem here? His mother. She does not understand the rules and abandoned her own son, for money.
February 23 at 6:39pmKarin Catherine Waldegrave: When she married Ernst Ounpuu and let him ransack us for assets, for herself.
February 23 at 6:39pmKarin Catherine Waldegrave: I will not budge.
February 23 at 6:39pmKarin Catherine Waldegrave: She is Jewish Estonian? Yes.
February 23 at 6:40pmKarin Catherine Waldegrave :Nazi mother? Agnes Pabstel killed by 2002?
February 23 at 6:40pmKarin Catherine Waldegrave: Prof. Tiina Ann Kirss does not actually want to tell Estonia what to think of itself I gather.
February 23 at 6:41pmKarin Catherine Waldegrave: The Government of Canada does nto actually need the 800,000 Estonians of Estonia. It is in the business of coaching Westerners ot the local language for them to move there to pretend to be Estonians, using the label. The policy has been the… same since the Crusades pretty much (“Christian Herter/Gottfried Herder”). That some us have never fundamentally got along as such Westerners is no longer a problem for “Estonians” — 14th Century “Meelel~oiv” et al.
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February 23 at 6:45pmKarin Catherine Waldegrave ‎”of” before “us”
February 23 at 6:46pmKarin Catherine Waldegrave Continuing vicious wars is, clearly, over assets, matrimonial fidelity and national fidelity vs. affiliate values, and Magda Goebbels.
February 23 at 6:47pmKarin Catherine Waldegrave ‎”De Villiers” et al.
FEBRUARY 24, 2011
February 24 at 7:45amKarin Catherine Waldegrave: ‎”Kristen French” (the “Christian French”)? Crazy breeder fiends of government itself methinks, used to get the face of Eliot Ness likely.
February 24 at 7:46amKarin Catherine Waldegrave: Blond & blonder mother F-stein bastards.
February 24 at 7:46amKarin Catherine Waldegrave: Ref.: “Francine McKenzie’s role” on the world stage, with “Szonyi”
February 24 at 7:47amKarin Catherine Waldegrave: I still do not understand who needs more Eliot Ness lookalikes for aggression in the world (he has evil cold Norwegian eyes) and they tell me he is right up there with Prof. “F”-rank Schumacher in personality. Dumb, mannerist, nonchalantly sadistic in a chatty sort of way and fundamentally crazy
February 24 at 7:58amKarin Catherine Waldegrave: Marc Trachtenberg is their new undergraduate textbook revenue guru.
February 24 at 7:59amKarin Catherine Waldegrave: I still do not understand why we needed even a mention of him in our discussion of Schumacher’s and Kenneth Osgood’s, also Mare and Rein Taagepera’s series of San Diego attack seminars and Wagenku”ll (2002), also “F”-rancine McKenzie-Szonyi…’s conferences on Bolgars and Magyars for her to marry in Tatarstan with a vial of Polonium in hand, courtesy of Niitenbergless “NOR even Celine DION”‘s quintuplets and the Alfred Bader Sigma Aldrich “Alchemy” Fundraising Group of Queen’s University Sailing and Victoria College, Toronto and the reconstituited RAF (Red Army Faction) in 1997/1998. Atomic bizarre!
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February 24 at 8:03amKarin Catherine Waldegrave: Wagenk:ull was renamed Schloss Taagepera for conferencing in Estonia and remodelled and opened in 2002.
February 24 at 8:04amKarin Catherine Waldegrav:e They are now after my great grandfather’s assets through even Harvard Rhodes Scholarships – American Woman of the Year (2010).
February 24 at 8:05amKarin Catherine Waldegrave: She is an Olympic sports figure I think and not a scholar to that extent.
February 24 at 8:05amKarin Catherine Waldegrave: Neither am I? Yes, I am. I am also his actual great granddaughter and heir.
February 24 at 8:06amKarin Catherine Waldegrave: No, I do not have to hurl the discus and throw the javelin to be “Waldegrave Kell.”
February 24 at 8:07amKarin Catherine Waldegrave: ‎”reconstituited” = “reconstituted”
February 24 at 8:07amKarin Catherine Waldegrave: Schumacher I think is here as a “breeder ape” specimen mostly.
February 24 at 8:

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